Having signed up 2 months ago I have not only lost my way but put back on the 5 lbs I lost. Gutted and only myself to blame. Within the next 12 weeks I have family photos with family coming over from Oz ( I hate photos of me), presentation eve at work which I have to give a speech at ( I hate people looking at me), a wedding and a surprise 75th birthday party I'm organising for my father in law with family I haven't seen for ages. All of these things I want to look my best at but at 6st over weight I am dreading. I am also now mad at myself for not sticking with this in the first place as I could have been a stone lighter by now ☹️ Needing motivation as I'm feeling very overwhelmed! 📸 🏆👰🏼🎉


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  • Hi Charlotte like you I lost my way, and was angry with myself for that, but you must think yourself a failure, your here amongst friends and like minded people who will give you the motivation to achieve your goals.

    At least coming back is recognising you want to make a lifestyle change, so get in the zone, believe in yourself and you can do it. I am in 4 week of c25k and eating healthily, weight is now slowly starting to move and it is giving me the motivation to continue.

    No one ever thought I'd start running, or commit to losing weight, but having everyone on here to support is really helping me so come on you've lost 5lbs once, you can do it again and more.

    Make today a fresh start and don't look back...... Good luck 😀

  • Sorry that should say must not think yourself a failure😁! Typing to quick

  • Hi Charlotte,

    Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed because you look at two figures - 6 stones to lose and 12 weeks to lose it? We all know this is not realistic or achievable and so it is easy to give up. Maybe better to set some mini targets for both weight loss and activity that is achievable and realistic and you will start to see results.

    Good luck :-) John

  • Please don't beat yourself up over what could have been, draw a line and start anew. This is a journey not a race. I used to beat myself up but that only delayed me trying again. You need to make long term changes to your lifestyle and that is not something that will happen overnight. I started about 2 months ago too and have recently had a setback, nothing like all the challenges you face but I'm beginning again today and you're welcome to join me. Make little changes and pace yourself. Good luck x

  • Hi CharlotteD. Don't beat yourself up. If it were easy, we wouldn't be here. Whenever I had a blip or a binge, I would write the whole week off as a bad week and start again the following week, which only made me work myself into a vicious circle. I would have important events to work towards like holidays and parties and would try to use them as goals but 9/10 times, I would not achieve the weight I wanted by that time and beat myself up. The important thing to remember is that events are events - as wonderful and fun as they are, they come and go, and many more events with appear on the horizon - events that you can set as new goals to work towards. You have already taken such an important step - seeing where you lost your way, and coming back for the support to start afresh. This is the mind set that will help you work harder and push harder to achieve your goal weight. Its like Radleychick said, you've lost 5lbs once, you can do it again and more! Good luck! x

  • Hi Charlottie like you I have fallen by the wayside a number of times, I have tried every diet under the sun. This time I have tried a different approach , I read a book called "Never binge again" by Glenn Livingston Ph.D. It is not a diet plan it is a totally different way of thinking about taking control of what you eat. Someone recommended it to me. After the first couple of pages I was a bit sceptical but I stuck with it. I would now recommend it to any one struggling. I got it from Amazon and it's only a few pounds. Good luck with your journey

  • You're only a failure if you never try. Well you tried before and you're trying again, so you can't possibly be a failure Charlotte! :)

    Here's what to do:

    1. Download the 12 week plan and sign up for the emails

    2. Join Lowcal's re-boot challenge

    Log your starting weight and goals, in the monday group weigh-in. Don't worry that you're a bit late :)

    Go to the Pinned Posts section to the right of your screen and starting with the newbies thread, read everything, for motivation and inspiration.

    Choose to sign up for some, or all, of the current challenges.

    Keep on posting and reading threads.

    You can do this! It's possible to lose 2st in 12 weeks, so why not give it your all and try? We'll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on! :)

  • I agree with all the others' comments. I would also add, that having lost weight I'm still nervous about standing up to speak in public and I still don't look like a supermodel in photos, in fact despite being a healthy bmi some recent photos still make me look overweight. Photos are just rubbish like that. Most of us hate them! :( Basically, be careful about basing all these expectations on being able to lose weight. There are lots more things you can do to prepare for these events aside from losing weight. Like Moreless says you can definitely lose 2 stone in 12 weeks, or at the very least 1-1.5 stone, just by following the NHS 12 week plan. But there are so many other ways you can alleviate the panic you're feeling about big family reunion etc. Practice your speech carefully for your work presentation - rehearse in front of the mirror, watch your body language, be engaging. And get nice things to wear for all the upcoming photos. Maybe in a size smaller as motivation... 👚

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