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Being obese - it's the little things

Being obese - it's the little things

I read an article ages ago which I can no longer find which talked about the weird things that happen as we get bigger and I know when I read it, it felt great to have someone talk about the kinds of weird issues being over weight confronts us with.

Sorry if some of these are a little graphic! Would love to hear about some of your niggles as well :)


I seem to spend much of my day dragging my pants back up to my non existent waistline!

I don't know how many I will be walking somewhere with my hands full and start to think "Oh no, they are on the slide!" :)

Funny thing is occasionally someone will ask "Are you losing weight" as I hitch up my pants for the 42nd time that day and I just have to say sigh and mumble "noooo"


This is rather graphic but recently as I have gained weight I am finding wiping my rear is starting to require a stretch so I can reach around.

It's amazing what positions you can achieve when you need to!


As I struggle my way out of my rather low car I can be heard letting the good old "oooffff" sound as I try to gracefully drag myself up without looking like I need a crane to exit the car!

I've also noticed the seatbelt is starting to get much shorter for some reason?


Seriously who came up with this whole laces concept on shoes!

I fling my foot up onto my knee but I am at a point now where I have to strain to keep it there AND get the shoe on AND then tie the lace.

And then exhale and start again on the other foot.

It's crazy!


I remember when as a kid I could pull my toes up to my mouth and gnaw my toenails off! Oh shuttup I know you did it too :D

These days I have to hold every muscle in place to reach down with the clippers and create some kind of clip that does not look like a rabid chihuahua came along and chewed on them for awhile.

God definitely created a design flaw there - your toe nails should be much higher up your leg!


I really should go to the dentist but since I last visited I have put on 20 kg's and I remember it was hard struggling up to swish around the water and spit it out BEFORE the weight came on.

I keep telling myself I'll go when I lose some weight...so weird but it's just stuck in my head for some reason.

Same with seeing friends from years ago - I avoid it at all costs because I have put on so much weight since I last saw them!

Thing is I know if the roles were reversed I know I wouldn't care of they gained weight, I'd just be happy to see them...


A thorough investigation must be done of any chair or bench I plan to sit on in public.

There has been more than one occasion when as a friend sits down on some tiny little chair I suddenly feel the need to stand up, stretch my legs, get some air - avoid sitting on that tiny little chair at all costs!


If you looked at my breakfast or lunch or day time snacks you could be forgiven for thinking I am the healthiest eater in the world.

Yesterday I had hi fibre rolled oats with a little peanut butter for breakfast, watermelon as a snack, chicken salad for lunch, a pear for afternoon tea...and then it all falls apart at dinner or soon after.

The chocolate and chips suddenly appear and if they are not there every cell in my body is suddenly chanting the chocolate chant until I give in and go to the market.

But if you looked at what I eat during the day? Picture of health!


I no longer can face trying to squeeze into an economy seat so my only way to fly is in business.

Unfortunately my family forgot to become independently wealthy before I was born so flying is a rarity!

I'm sure there is more that will come to me but I hope you can identify with some of these :)


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Yes Dave, I can identify with a few of these! Especially shoe laces, socks etc. And what about putting your underpants on without having to steady yourself on the wardrobe to get the second leg through without toppling over :-) This serves as a reminder to keep going on the plan!


I can tell this is very much not an exhaustive list. Your 'oofff' getting out of the car reminds me of a 'hurr' noise I made one time sitting down on a train seat. My boyfriend still reminds me of it now. Things have got slightly more graceful these days thankfully. :) How are you going to quit the choc & chips again Dave? You've done it before, you can totally do it again...


Oh gosh, yes to all of those, another one was if I had to do something on the floor, I used to have to stay there and finish as many other tasks as possible because getting up again was nigh on impossible!

Hands-free driving - I was quite capable of steering with my belly!

Hating to eat in public, I felt I was being judged all the time.

Unable to cross my legs - I love being able to do that nowadays.

I quite often hurt my ribs as they got squished when I had to bend down.

All sorts of strange implements were utilised in the shower to reach all parts of my body.

My shoelace bow was never central, it was always off to the side.

Heat rashes in the summer :(

I had to remove my belly button bar and put a maternity one in, that made me so sad and I was so happy when my pink titanium one was reinstated.

Fashion and style went out of the window, if it fitted, that just had to do.

I must remind myself of all these so that I never, ever put the weight back on!


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