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Weight loss 2nd day .. Difficulties + couch to 5K

Hi Everyone

My name is Alex and I'm a male with 22 years life experience. I'm new to this ..

I'm 19.5 stone and need to need lose around 8 stone to do something I've always wanted to do ..

I have children and live with my partner .

I started with the NHS weight loss plan yesterday .. And it's going really good ..

Today starting the couch to 5k plan as well . With swimming activities hopefully by the end of the week .

But writing this now I'm starving . !! My stomach is rumbling . I have my breakfast cornflakes around 6 am then off to work have a piece of fruit at 9am then . Have my lunch . Pasta , chicken breast and veg .. Then some more fruit at 3pm then my dinner again at 6pm same as lunch but with no pasta.

Now I'm not looking to change my lunch and dinner but the want a good filling healthy snack for inbetween .

Now I've come from eating crap .. Takeaways a lot and everything bad so yes I understand it's going to be hard but my stomach hurts ..


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Hi Haynes and welcome.

I know it can be hard, particularly in the beginning, but you'll get used to the "restricted" amount of calories you're feeding your body.

Going from experience I always aim for a high fibre breakfast - fibre keeps you full and your tummy working on something to digest - and cornflakes just don't provide you with a lot of fibre. Try bran flakes or wholewheat/seeded breads. I try to incorporate at least 5g of fibre in my breakfast.

Your lunch sounds yummy, it's something I often opt for, but with your snacks, again, depending on what type of fruit you're going for, they might be a bit low in fibre and all you're getting in is water and sugar, which won't keep you feeling full for very long.

As a ball park figure, try to aim for around 25-30g of fibre a day. :)

And I'm not sure how big that chicken breast is you're consuming, but if that's your main / only source of protein you might want to keep an eye on that, too. ;)

Hope this helps a little.

Good luck with your weight loss! :)


hello thanks for your advise .. Its nice to hear from someone . Regarding the chicken breast . I have two medium sized chicken breast one for lunch and one for dinner .. I'm trying to think of my portion control and meat that doesn't have much fat it it .

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That's great. Lean beef or tuna are great substitutes once get fed up with the daily chicken. 😉

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Have several large mugs of tea or fruit tea, or even coffee - that helps stop the rumbles. Make up a gallon of soup (blend cooked onions, vegetables with stock and herbs) to have a mugful when you feel empty.

You might like to weigh out a mixture of nuts, pumpkin seeds, soft dried fruit and use those as between meal nibbles when you need something to chew!

Think about replacing your cornflakes with porridge or eggs and bacon even, as these will keep you fuller for longer. If you want to stick with the cornflakes, then add some banana or dried cranberries etc to fill you at breakfast time.

Divert your mind from food by keeping busy; gardening, dog walking, take the children to the park and play frisbee - anything that gets you moving and puts distance between you and the food! You can do this - you are setting a great example for your kids, by learning to live healthily and to look after yourself - so well done!


Hi Haynes2016 , welcome to the group and well done on taking the first steps ☺ this group is fab, really supportive and full of great helpful people. If you haven't done so already, check out the newbies post on the front page under pinned posts. You will also find a pinned post with recipes on, lots of ideas for healthy foods and snacks.

Are you actually eating enough? Its very tempting to really reduce calories to the bare minimum but its not the best way to lose the weight and if you then start exercising you will feel poorly and then lose heart.

I was having fruit for my snacks and it was making me hungrier as it was screwing with my blood sugar levels. Try something different as a snack to see if that tides you over better, maybe raw veg, carrots, peppers or crispbreads with peanut butter/meat paste etc. Also, maybe have something more filling for breakfast that will keep you feeling fuller for longer like porridge. If you don't have time to do some in the morning try overnight oats. Let me know if you would like an idea on how to do that. Or bran flakes/shreddies with a banana.

It took a good few weeks to get my head round everything and even now I still write everything down soni know what works and what doesn't.

remember you need to enjoy what you are eating.

I'm 6 weeks in on the 'diet' and five weeks on in C25K. Its a great programme but just take out steady and the forum for that is great as well.

Will look forward to reading your updates, good luck 😁


Hi and welcome Alex :)

Have you checked your personal calorie allowance on the BMI calculator, because it sounds to me as if you're eating way too little for your weight? Put your details in and see what it comes back with. My guess, is that you should be eating 2500 - 3000 calories/day and there's no need to feel hungry, eating that :)

You've also jumped on the "diet food" wagon. I don't know why everyone assumes that to lose weight you need to live on chicken and veg? If you look in the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen, you'll see a number of threads. Start with the newbie thread, then look at the recipe thread, for lots of different ideas for meals and snacks, then consider joining the 12 week re-boot challenge, so that you'll have company and support on your journey :)

You could also join our monday group weigh-in, it won't be a problem if you're a day late, as Lowcal doesn't complete the stats until the end of the week :)

Log onto the site regularly and become an active member of the forum, to get the most from the community.

Wishing you all the very best :)

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I can't add much to what has already been said but there's lots of good advice there so I just wish you good luck! ☺


I totally agree with moreless. I was then about to say, you don't sound like you're eating enough, which is probably while you feel starving! Follow moreless' advice and check out your personal calorie allowance and hopefully once you're eating the right amount, it should stop the hunger pangs. Good luck 😊👍


When my husband started the nhs plan he was eating about the same as me, 1400 calories instead of 1900, he has upped his intake and doesn't get hungry now. We now buy multi bags of low cal crisps, smaller portion than single bags, as a low cal treat and flavoured rice cakes with cream cheese or scrape of peanut butter also fills the hole between getting home and dinner. I love the hairy bikers diet books too, great recipes with loads of variety and they count the calories. Good luck!😀


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