Then and Now 2!

Then and Now 2!

OK well this isn't the pic I was going to put on...but as you can see I'm lopsided! πŸ˜‚ The other one was coming out upside down so at least u get the gist with this one! This was last month I think. I'm weighing 8st 8lbs as of today.

I'm not one to post these types of things usually but I wanted to as I have only lost weight by calorie counting as I can't exercise much..putting the extra weight on in the 1st place after major surgery and 13 ops within a 2 year period. So it's just really to help motivate people that do struggle with losing weight when they can't exercise much or at all. I lost about 2 stone doing WW & SW & quite quickly but then I plateud & spent prob about a year on & off diets. In May this year I decided that enough was enough & that I had had enough of being 'on a diet' (1step forward, 2 steps back) so started calorie counting & have lost 1 stone 4lbs in that time & back in my healthy range that I used to be. Want to lose another 1/2 a stone I think & then start to maintain xxx

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  • You look fabulous! Well done for your achievement so far especially when you have had health problems. Great motivation for other people. :)

  • Thank you muffintop67 !

  • Wow you look great! Fantastic work!!!

  • Thank you ScoobaSteve !

  • Hi again DownwardSpiral,

    Wow, you look amazing in this photo - what a difference. You did look lovely in your before one too though - but you look really full of vitality and health in this one! Slim, and really good! Wow!

    Congratulations on your weight loss, your achievement is really inspiring. :-)


    Seeing your before and after photos has been a very motivating experience, and thanks for sharing them.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Aw thank you Lowcal...that's a lovely thing to say! You too xxx

  • you look great! very inspiring post!

  • :-) - you look great and it is an inspiring story:-)

  • Fantastic results , you look well and HAPPY , which is how we all should feel .

    I dont know your age /height/ BMI , but it looks to me you're probably already at a mid healthy range...

    Maintaining our new weight is an art in itself (from one who knows) , so it might be an idea to try maintaining your weight for a while to master the technique! If you then still feel you want to push for a further 7lbs, then fine, but remember, the lower you go, the lower your maintenance calories will be.....

    I succeeded in dropping 2st to a healthy BMI of 23, and have been in maintenance now for 13months. It is not easy but not impossible. Just remember, our natural weight fluctuates from week to week for many reasons, so maintenance is not one static weight .... mine is anything within 0-4 lbs range.

    . You've done great, so enjoy it!


  • Thank you elliebath. I'm only 4lbs below my healthy weight so that's why I want to lose another few pounds.. to make sure if it does go up a bit it doesn't creep past that point! I have a hols in 8 weeks so I'm thinking that I will do as well as I can until then & then I'm sure that I will have to reassess after my hols! Trying to b sensible but not letting it rule my life this time round which is the difference!

    And well done u for your great loss. Thank you for your kind words x

  • I understand ...its always good to have a bit of a cushion before a holiday. If you read my recent posts about Maintenance , you'll see that I had a week in Greece in May. I also tried to lose a couple of pounds beforehand. I have now been home nearly a week and pleased to say I am today back to my 'happy weight '.

  • Oh that's great to hear. .I look foreward to that time myself. We are only going to Cornwall but I'm sure that those Cream Teas will b a challenge! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  • I would have a cream tea that's for sure, but I am very fond of "sharing " such things ( i convince my other half that its for his benefit too). Just enjoy and don't beat yourself up too much 😊

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