New to here

New to here

Hi, am new to here, am wanting/needing to change my lifestyle and know I can't do it by myself, I have the support of my fiance and children but sometimes with things you need support from people that are going through the same things, I have fibromyalgia and suffer with depression and blame them for my weight but deep down I know it's down to my mindset to change and make the changes I need so am hoping through here I will learn new things and ways of changing my life while making new friends too


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  • Hi and a huge welcome to this fantastic support community I am sure it will help you as it is helping me so much too ( only joined 11 days ago myself) so am fairly new too. You have support from family brilliant you are half way there. I am so sorry for your fibromyalgia it must be awful at times it sounds similar to MS which my husband has he is tired a lot, has to think about balance walking etc suffers headaches a lot and sometimes has pain around different body areas at this time though it is mainly in his legs, his personality has changed too he used to be so laid back but is quite ratty nowadays. That aside I am sure there are people on here who can advise you better than I can also have you checked to see if here is a fibromyalgia NHS support web site I similar to this to help you too? Keep us posted and welcome Chelly69 Bev

  • Hi Itsbab (Bev) thankyou for your welcoming reply, very much appreciated, will check and see if there is a fibromyalgia NHS support site, am glad to read you have positive words and makes me look forward to my journey x

  • Hi Chelly69,

    Welcome! There is a support site for fibromaylgia, and here's the link:

    I think there are a couple of other options too - so might be worth seeing which community you like the look of.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal, thankyou for that info x

  • Hi Chelly69 welcome to this forum. I see Lowcal (she is very knowledgeable) has posted a link for the other support site. I hope you find the forums helpful for support and motivation. Everyone is very friendly on here. Good that you have the support of your fiancé and children but it's nice to come on here and chat to people who don't know you. 😊

  • Hi Chelly, I suffer from depression and did have some meds that contributed to the weight loss, but I am on different ones now and the night munchies have stopped (mostly).

    I just wanted to say that even if you have these problems with fibro as well as the depression that you can lose weight as I know people who have - and I have too!

    So good luck and join in on all the threads here, oh and if you haven't been directed to it already, here is a great welcome post that has loads of hints and tips and advice as well as inspiration to get you started.

    Any questions, just ask!

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