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C25k downloaded ( I make it 2.5k each way to the chip shop - only joking)

Well going to give it a go (c25k) next week and have been trying diet wise and semi successful while away - although abducted again a couple of nights back - and this time the memory probe/deletion machine used - however - I am daily (4 days ) doing the 7 minute work out and walking more too - so if I can get the running sorted ( never done it before - as only really play golf - gave up squash at 30 ) I will surely be better and lose some weight

Is it possible to get an extension of time on the 12 week plan - say two weeks - I was thinking force majeure ??

One English hour and out for dinner - driving tonight so will be easier to control - fish fish fish - fruit pud

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the bank holiday


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Good luck with the running. Get the right shoes. Makes a big difference. Definitely off piste with the food and drink today. Still tomorrow is another day.

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Hi Alastair,

Good luck with the running this week, and hope you enjoyed your meal last night. Fish fish fish - was that 3 types of fish, or just an enthusiasm for it?! :-)

I would say do the NHS 12 week plan for as long as you want - I've been doing it on and off for about 3 years now, and I keep to the principles of it and re-boot every once in a while - currently doing a stringent re-boot with the E-mail support, which I've not tried before, and I do like it! :-)

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


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