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New beginning

After 2 years of treatment for breast cancer and generally feeling sorry for myself I have managed to gain a whopping 2 1/2 stones! I was no skinny Minnie before so have decided enough is enough. Started last week and weighed in today as a loss of 2lbs. I think it will be a slow process as still on tamoxifen which doesn't help (or am I just looking for excuses again!) . Be nice to chat to anyone else in this situation

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Hi firstly there's no need to say you were feeling sorry for yourself I think you were entitled to do so breast cancer is a hell of a burden to cope with so a Hugh hug coming your way for dealing with that. Now looking forward you won't go wrong becoming part of this forum I have only been here for 11 days so fairly new too, the advice and encouragement everyone gives you makes all the difference and you have lost 2lbs which is a good safe amount to lose. You are officially lighter than you were last week brilliant! Keep us posted on your progress. Bev


Thanks Bev


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