Hello all, well just 6 days before my daughters wedding and getting very excited. I have maintained my weight this week, so pleased, as I don't wish to lose any more as I have already had my wedding outfit altered.

Just hoping we get the sunshine on the Sat. 4th. Ive switched to a 30 min. callanetic exercise every other day for areas that have been stubborn to shift. I have continued with an extra 200 cals. from my original allowance and I have maintained 2 out of 3 weeks so far. Its not an easy task this maintenance but hoping I'm winning. I hope to share at least one photo of the wedding soon . Many thanks for all the positive tips etc. Ive found this site to be very helpful and encouraging.

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  • Hi Fruitspangle,

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight - and it's exciting to hear you've only got 6 days to go before your Daughter's Wedding!!! I really hope you'll have sunshine for 4th June. I bet you'll look amazing in your outfit. Your 30 minute Callanetic exercise every other day sounds really good! I did Callanetics a few decades back, and remember it was really good for toning. I might look out the book I followed.

    I'll be really excited to see your photo from the Wedding!

    Wishing you a wonderful time! Enjoy the day - and will look forward to hearing all about it and seeing that photo!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh, don't please! My daughter's is flying ever closer too.

  • Hi Concerned,

    Have you got your outfit sorted too? :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I don't have a sombrero yet.

  • 8-)

  • and my daughter's on 2nd July.

  • Well done fruitspangle on maintaining 😀 i bet you will look fabulous in your wedding outfit 👗 Fingers crossed the weather holds 🌞 I expect to see pictures next wk end 😀 Good luck.

  • How great , have a lovely wedding . I so loved the day when my my son and lovely daughter in law tied the knot

  • Hope the wedding went well....I think you had lovely weather for it!

    Will we see a photo of you in your finery?

  • Ooh yes, we love photos :)

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