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If you read my previous post about having lack of motivation and energy to plan my meals, I have now realised exactly why this is. I am a morning person, this means I have more energy and more willingness to do things in a morning. Many of you may or may not of heard the old saying "Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince(ss), and tea like a pauper" well, this suits me down to the ground! I can have a great big breakfast (healthy of course), a smaller lunch, and an even smaller tea, that is perfect, when I get home from work, instead of having the pressure of making a "proper" meal, I can cook something so quick and easy, something like scrambled egg, beans on toast etc., something that takes 5 minutes, and ill be happy! yeeeeeeey I am so happy if figured myself out haha. Can you think of any more quick, ready in 5 minute meals? Omelettes, scrambled egg, beans on toast, pasta mug shot with crackerbreads :) anything you can think of would be a great help :)

Thankyou in advance


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  • When I want something quick I tend to go for pasta or rice, I know more like 10-15 minutes, but it basically cooks itself.

    Just smear some pesto over the pasta and a bit of soy sauce over the rice, job done.

    If you have time and are in the mood, popping in some chicken or roasted veg works a treat and that way you get some extra protein/fibre... :)

    Glad you found a solution that works for you! :)

  • Well done for figuring out what works for you 😃

    My go to for a quick snack is wholemeal toast (no butter) good quality peanut butter and sliced banana ... yummy 😀

    Or red pepper hummous, oat cakes and various veg to dip .. very filling and good for you. 😆

    Good luck.

    Claire x

  • Stir Fry meals are always easy - and inexpensive, if you have a Wok handy. Also, packs of ready cooked savoury Rice (Uncle Bens?) make a good meal if you add some cooked meat or fish and some broccoli or similar at the side.

  • Great Idea and better to eat less calories later on in the day. Just a bit difficult for me as still have to cook for family. But I do try to cut carbs in the evening. I know it sounds a bit weird but I love a bowl of porridge - anytime - breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just a few minutes in the microwave and its lovely and filling.

  • A Crumpet or two (no butter) with a smidgen of Marmite a smear of Hellmans light Mayo, a slice or half of nice Ham, Lettuce, chopped red onion, salt and pepper......yummy

  • Try whizzing a can of Canellini beans in a food processor with some lemon juice, olive oil and half a clove of garlic. You can then eat the resulting dip with pieces of raw carrot, cucumber, red peppers and so on. Another thing I do sometimes is roast sweet potatoes in the oven ( about 30 mins but very little prep time - just peel and put some chilli and olive oil on) and eat them with a cottage cheese topping. I often sprinkle pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds on top. If you think you will be hungry, add a hard boiled egg for some protein.

  • Re heated leftover veg, or if you don't have any, microwave frozen veg with little cubes of feta or Wensleydale cheese scattered over so they start to melt. I prefer freshly steamed veg but if you want really fast the above only takes 5 mins!

  • If you get some ready sliced cheese (ie 20g), how about some cheese on toast? You can make it special by putting tomatoes and a chopped spring onion underneath. Really fast, I sometimes buy one of the cans of cherry tomatoes and put that on toast. How about burgers inna bun? What about hot dog sausages. The frozen vege ones are quite nice and heat in a mug with some boiling water in minutes. Poached eggs on crumpets, with no butter because the yolk will run into the holes when you cut it. Frittata, if you have some left over veg. Bacon sandwiches, sausage sandwiches. Fishcakes made with instant mash and canned fish. Salad. You can get wok ready noodles and ordinary noodles don't take long, for your stir fries. It might also be worth looking at canned ready meals. I tried them before recommending them to my son. It is particularly worth looking at the basics lines in Sainsbury's and Waitrose. Fruit salad with yogurt. Melba toasts with your favourite toppings.

  • Thankyou guys so much for all your ideas, these are great :)

  • Dice up chicken and add to a tin of consomme with 2 garlic cloves diced. Boil till the chicken is cooked. Or get some Consomme and add veg or what you like. Also poaching fish is easy. Buy some mixed seafood. Nice with a bit of vinegar on. Don't bother making a big breakfast. Just make a breakfast cutting out carbs. You will feel full for longer. As you are working I can see why you would want a big breakfast but just take some kind of snack to work. Keep off the so called healthy bars as some of them contain over 400 cals.

  • Oh wow really? I hate how they make them out to be healthy and then there aren't. I like the belvita breakfast biscuits. I hope they are ok

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