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Don't mean to keep banging on c25k on Monday

Just don't want anyone to miss out starting c25k on Monday don't miss out its a 9 week plain by the nhs start of nice and easy and build up over 9 weeks all you need is trainers lose fitting clothes smart phone or mp3 player the hardest thing about it is getting out the door the first time. There's about 8 people who have said there start on Monday so let's at least get it in to double figures. I've been running for about 2 years now and have lost around 5 stone and now it's a way of life. I used to see someone running down the road and think they where a different breed everyone can do so please join me on this 9 week joney I'm sure you will enjoy it!!!! And still no men Come on lads don't let us down thanks Gareth

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Hi Gareth,

Good to keep momentum up, and it's great that you're reminding us about the Coach to 5k Challenge.

No men yet? Oh no, where are they?

Anyway, looking forward to some running next week, Gareth - should be good! :-)

Lowcal :-)


I did the c25k in January and February this year. Loved it and haven't stopped running, so will be following this thread with great interest. The programme starts with one minute runs and builds up over 9 weeks. There is NO PRESSURE to finish it in 9 weeks, some take a lot longer, the main thing is just to get out there 3x a week and do some exercise. If anyone needs to repeat a run or a week then they should. And the main thing is to take it slowly to avoid injury. Slow and steady is the mantra - there's an extra forum/community called 'Couch to 5k" where you can meet people in a similar situation. It is very motivating. I hope you all catch the running bug as I and so many others did!


What sort of time are we all planning to give this a go on Monday ? So that we can encourage each other ?👍🏼


Wasn't going to set a time just everyone says how they got on once that done it and share tips and how they got on just want to keep it fun and how everyone just needs a little help and push and if your like me be thinking why didn't I do this year's ago

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I'm still with you Gareth 😀 brought phone armband, found out my ear phones and down loaded the app. I've had a listen to the first wk and sounds great ... can't wait!!!


It is a great programme and I have just completed it. Went from not being able to run at all, to be able to run for 30 minutes and I love it!

So an endorsement from LesstoLose, LOL!

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Foes running on a treadmill count?



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