Hi Everyone-Get To Meet Me

Hello Everyone,

How is your day going? I am new here, so I'm using this moment to introduce myself.

I work from home. I also used to live a sedentary lifestyle, well, not that my work encourages otherwise. To some extent, I have achieved my weight loss goals. Just trying to maintain my current weight, even though my BMI is 27.1 and it states that I am still within the overweight range, I do not think I want to be leaner than this. I might not look healthy. I currently like myself.

My challenge now is getting rid of tommy bloat and fat in my love handles. Seriously, why is the last pound of fat this difficult to lose?


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19 Replies

  • Hi Christina welcome and good luck 😊

  • Thanks

  • Will be starting tomorrow need to shift about 2 stone lol

  • HI Christina,

    Welcome to the forum I too work from home. Great that you've achieved your weight loss goals and you've come to the right place, you'll get some great tips and support.

    I'm doing the NHS C25K at the moment which I'm finding challenging but enjoying the run at the same time. I've got 6 stones to lose so I'm hoping doing the 9 weeks run is a start to help me get back to my ideal weight.

    Have you heard about the NHS C25K it's a great app you can download it for free from this forum it's a nine weeks walking and running exercises and there are great diet tips have a browse around.

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks a lot. I will check it out.

  • Hi Christina

    My first day on here , I came on as I really need to do this for me. My husband soon to be ex I hope literally destroyed me .... He attempted to hang himself, then gas himself in our garage and then threaten to jump off a bridge all to hide he was sleeping with his staff..... I literally broke I lost my confidence/self esteem and withdrew so badly I nearly lost my job, I may lose my home due to his mind games but I now hope I can salvage my life

  • Oh...you actually went through all that? Seriously...! But hey, here you are. You made it through. I have heard experiences similar to yours and the women are happier now. You might have lost your home but I am happy you did not lose yourself. You still have you, so you can still find any other things you have lost. Just continue to work more on getting back on your feet and I believe your life will end up being an inspiration to other women like you that have gone through the same.

  • Hi Christina and welcome 😊

  • Hi Christina, I really need to lose weight but have lost the will power welcome

  • a42h,

    The huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and being aware that it is not going to happen overnight. No will power? Why don't you visualize a leaner and smarter you, which you can confidently smile back at in front of the mirror? Yes, that can happen. Being fit tastes good.

    You need motivation, but that can only get you started. Habit is what keeps you going. I have the feeling you would get the help you need here. That's why I am here too.

    I believe if it's something that can be done for you, that wouldn't be a problem. But you can only do it yourself and I believe you are too smart to be the only thing standing in your way to your weight loss goal.

    If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up. I look forward to your success story soon.

  • Hi Christina,

    I only joined on Monday and I have to say everyone is friendly and encouraging it seems a nice forum. I am still finding my way round the site but have already picked up some tips.

  • Hi Christina, that is great you're maintaining the weight and feel good about yourself. I need to lose around 20 lbs after facing the huge reality of going from size 14 jeans to 18. I tried to stuff myself in the 16 pair and couldn't zip up!

    Good luck with your challenge of the last few pounds - My diet is starting NOW..

  • Thanks Sookiedee. We have to take care of our body, it's the only place we have to live in. Goodluck with your diet. Whenever it gets tough, always think about why you started. I look forward to your success story soon.

  • Hi Christina, I thought I had already posted a reply to you but it seems to have vanished 😰 It is oh so true that those last pounds are the hardest to shift. I have lost, in total, with many ups and downs along the way nearly 3.5 stone. I reached my target weigh on the 23rd December last year, promptly celebrated Xmas and gained 4lb. It has Daren me till this were to lose 5lb to take myself to a pound under target. Perseverance is the name of the game.

    Good luck with your bloat and love handles. Annde

  • Should say take NOT Daren

  • Hi Christina03, I am dealing with much the same as you. I have found that concentrating on those certain stubburn areas with exercise does help. So I am now doing different exercises for those areas. Maintaining isn't as easy as I thought, but like you I am happy with the weight and look I have achieved, despite my BMI results in the overweight range.

  • Welcome Christina and wish the best

  • I guess we all have something to tell and it helps when you share you.just get it off your chest.

    Life is not easy but we have to push ourselves.

  • Welcome Christina,

    I agree that those last bits are always the hard bits. I think you just have to persist with the diet and exercise until they relent.

    Good luck

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