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Monday 23/05 episode. Actually enjoyed the recipes on this episode. Apart from one annoying thing they don't give you the temp for the oven. Which for a cooking beginner like me means I have no idea what temp to cook the recipes at.

So anyone know what temp to cook the banana recipe at?

By the way what's so wrong with grains?

I happen to love bread, porridge etc.


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21 Replies

  • Haha. I haven't watched this programme and don't know what's happening with the bananas but I find around 180-190°c is a good oven temperature.

    Nice to see you're finding some inspiration for nice meals though! 😊

    Go bananas! 🍌

  • Thanks for the reply Foodie87, the banana recipe was a banana loaf without grains (i.e. they think everything should be gluten free). Think I'll cook a banana loaf with grains, not the gumf those girls used. I like grains, in fact I love grains, so go grains.....

  • Haha, I have a good banana loaf recipe somewhere. I also have a "mini loafs tin" - like a muffin tin, but with 12 rectangular holes... makes portion control much easier!

    For fruity loaf-y things I'd say go for the 180ºC, you should be able to use the good old wooden skewer method to see if it's cooked. If it's not but browning too much for your liking just cover it with foil and cook it for longer, turning down the temperature if need be...

    Trial and error is sometimes what is needed when you want to come up with your own little recipes, but the trouble is usually worth it.

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks for the reply Foodie87

  • I love grains too Cliffhilton1969 :-)

  • Thanks for the reply lowcal

  • You can find a lot of their recipes on line. I can't eat grains (gluten), so I've found the program very interesting, although some of the recipe ingredients are too obscure even for me.


    Most people are fine with grains, but it seems a good idea for many people to eat more than just wheat.

  • cliffhilton1969 you're all set now, Penel found the recipe. And I got the temperature right, too! ;)

    Thank you Penel for the link, as I said, haven't watch the show, but this recipe looks interesting. :)

  • Glad to hear it's not just me and the girls weird ingredients, thanks for the reply anyway..

  • Thanks Penel, can I ask, are you a Coeliac, and if so how did you find out.

    It's only since I came on this community that I found out what gluten free foodies are all about.

  • Hi Cliffhilton, I realised I had problems with ordinary bread about 10 years ago, it made my stomach bloat, gave me flu-like symptoms and joint pains (although I didn't realise that, until I stopped eating gluten).

    If you want to know more, have a look at Coeliac UK.


  • Thanks for the reply Penel

  • I think saying grains is rather misleading. Coeliacs cannot eat wheat, barley, or rye. But that doesn't mean that they can't eat other grains like rice and corn, which are included in many gluten free flour blends, or oats (in most cases).

    Personally, I don't like the texture of gluten free baked goods, I usually find them to be very grainy and dry.

    Sounds like an interesting show, might be worth catching on iPlayer.

  • "Coeliacs", sorry don't speak French, still I might just have that as my word for the day, if I can figure how to pronounce it and can find it in my dictionary, is that with a "ker", "kee", "see" or a "ser"?

    Thanks for the reply anyway VickyDLM

  • Don't think it's French! :)

    But it's pronounced see-lee-ak

  • Thanks and people say that playing on computers you don't learn anything....

  • If you google/search for the Easy Meals app, there are several banana recipes for bakes on there including a banana bran cake (within the puddings). Shows all the nutritional info too. I'm nearly sure I found the app via this site.

  • Thanks Venusflytrap, now why didn't I think of googling something as simple as easy meals. You know I'll get the hang of this damn contraption yet, hold on I forgot to plug it in again......

    Oh well never mind......

  • Isn't it marvellous when we're struggling with new info that basics slip our minds? I was struggling with something diet-linked last week and a friend advised me by repeating advice I'd given her in the first place! I thanked her for the idea graciously! She'd obviously taken it to heart. Made me wonder to where my brain had gone on holiday though. I get more of these senior moments nowadays.

  • Thanks for the reply, by the way thanks for the reply, sorry did I just say that, anyway thanks for the reply, you know I could have sworn I just said that!!!!!

  • Ha! Ha! You are as bad as the family mocking my deafness. At least I can tell you know what I'm typing about.

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