Maintenance Update - post holiday Greece!

Having stayed successfully at maintenance for a year (around 137/138 lbs), last month I posted that I'd made a 3lb weight gain , with only three weeks to go before a holiday 😕

Well Im pleased to say that I lost 2.5 lbs before I went away and had a great holiday. I am glad we didnt choose all-inclusive just half board . This meant that I ate a proper breakfast, fruit salad, greek yoghurt, boiled eggs or omelette (no bread) and that kept me satisfied most of the day. Some days I had a light greek salad lunch OR an ice cream, not always, and thru the day I stuck to sparkling water . Around 5-6pm had a beer or prossecco (avoided the wicked cocktails) and a glass or two of wine with dinner ( I usually chose a meat/ fish dish with salad or grilled veg, one time moussaka , avoided pasta . Usually on holiday I walk/ sightsee quite a bit , but this place was fairly isolated and not very scenic so I am slightly ashamed to say I mostly just lay in the sun all week!!

Anyway, first day home I have weighed and happy to say I only gained 2.25 lbs ...

So to reassure others, holidays do not have to spell disaster to your weight, the healthy choices we're learning on here can help us to still have a fab holiday with minimal damage!


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7 Replies

  • Hey Elliebath sounds like you were very mindful and organised, and sounds like the relaxation has done you good too. Even though your food choices sound very healthy, they sound varied and delicious, sounds like there were lots of fresh choices around. Welcome back :)

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner , it's good to go away but also good to get home. Luckily it was a good hotel buffet so lots of salads, grilled vegetables, skewered meats and fish. Btw I wasn't always so saintly in my choices, the local taverna did a mean Banana Split with 3 flavours , whipped cream, the lot! 😃

  • I expect that explains the 2.25lbs :)

  • I think more and more people are choosing their holiday meals wisely and they are not all throwing caution to the wind and eating every high calorie food in sight. Older folk especially are asking for smaller portions and choosing the lighter fish over the pies, and fresh fruit and veg cooked without added fat are proving popular. Those that eat every thing in sight then go on to regale you with tales about their diabetes, heart ops and pending hip replacements!

  • Hi Elliebath,

    It sounds like you've had a really relaxing and enjoyable holiday, and you've really made some excellent food choices and kept a healthy balance. Welcome back, and hope you are enjoying your week so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Sounds like my idea of a perfect holiday ⛱ I'm sat in a sunny spot reading through posts wishing I was there. Well done on your minimal gain and refraining from the delights of Greece.... not sure I would of been so good 😀

  • UPDATE, 31May. Holiday pounds now lost, back to 138 lbs , hooray!😁

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