Never again!

Was doing well and looking forward to getting back in the 10's, then it was my neighbours funeral yesterday. Very sad, she was only 66. I had a cup of tea at the wake and ignored the buffet completely, just didn't fancy it, but then last night, I couldn't be bothered to cook, so opted for battered fish and peas from the chip shop. This wouldn't have been disastrous in itself as regards the daily calorie count but I felt soooo sick afterwards with all the grease! Yuk! Still feel under par today, definitely back on track!

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  • Hi caz28 😀 sorry your feeling a bit yucky today but well done on avoiding the buffet. I had a Chinese takeaway over the wkend and too felt icky for a couple of days. Can't believe how quickly your body rejects all the greesy, stogey food. Good I suppose as I will think again about eating it !!!

  • It's funny though that while most Asian cuisines are very healthy, the take out versions are really bad for you!

    I suppose that's the argument for cooking at home. :)

  • In those sad circumstances , Im sure the idea of chip shop fish seemed very comforting ...pity it disagreed with you later but no harm done . We all seek comforting food sometimes.

  • Hi Caz28,

    I'm glad you coped with your neighbour's funeral yesterday, that must have been very sad. Hope you're feeling a bit better after feeling the meal was too greasy, and hope that the remainder of the week goes well for you.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Caz, I'm sorry to hear about your neighbour, that sounds really tough. I was told once every decision we make takes us a step closer or further from our goal. Last night you needed the comfort of a comforting meal, even though it didn't agree with you, but today, onwards and upwards. Honestly, I think I would have done far worse than just fish and chips so well done you!

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