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Thank you

I would just like to say thankyou for all of your support. Yesterday I just needed to let it all out and it helped. Funny how telling strangers (friends now) can help get perspective and make u feel better.

I was...i dont know how...was under my calorie goal yesterday and feel much better this morning.

Pushing on through all the crap...thank you again 💜

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Hi! I didn't see your post last night but just wanted to say I am glad you feel a little better this morning and so sorry for hearing about your nan and rabbit, we lost our rabbit new year but he was 10! There will always be bad things to cope with I lost my sister to breast cancer a couple of years ago and mum has Altzhiemers which is really bad now it is so hard to see someone just disappear before your eyes from the person they were, cherish the time you have with your nan, be her rock and keep in touch on the forum we are all here to help.

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Hi animalmad13 😀 glad your feeling better today and it's a pleasure to be able help with a few humble words, it's what we're here for. Well done for being under your calories yesterday 😆 Hope you have a lovely day today. Hope the suns shining where you are? 🌞 Claire x


So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better today, take it easy , it's ok to have a bubble now and again{{{{hug}}}} for when you do.



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