I think it clicked today! - From one extreme to another?

I had a bit of an experience today.

I hate shopping for clothes, I always did - I guess it's not something "bigger people" enjoy as nothing ever fits the way it should or one simply resembles a sausage rather than a person.

As I have mentioned to moreless the other week, I don't see myself having changed - when I look in the mirror I still have the same appearance as I had "43 kg ago".

As I was making my way through Debenhams' usual departments I stopped and looked at things I would have bought in the past, only "problem" were the sizes, nothing below a 12? And there I was, accidentally picking up a size 20 jeans, a size I once needed, if I didn't need a 22...

I held it up against my waist, one leg of these jeans covered both of my legs as they are now, I could have quite easily stepped in just the one leg of those trousers, at which point I finally realised, my appearance must have changed, A LOT!

I went away without trousers, I couldn't find anything I liked but I managed to work my way downstairs to the "younger" sections and ended up buying some size 6 and 8 tops!? :)

I'm still not in the "healthy" BMI range (currently around 25.5), I'm about to get there, but I would like to be in the middle of that range, just to have a "buffer" for a bit of laziness related yo-yoing. I am worried I will struggle to find clothes then, just as much as I was struggling to find clothes in size 20/22! :(

It makes me wonder, what is "healthy" and what is "normal" in today's world of extremes?


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  • Well done foodie87 πŸ˜€ what a lovely problem to have. I hope you enjoy wearing your new size 6 and 8 tops, you will totally look fabulous!! I am still refraining from buying new clothes as still a bit in denial too about how much I've lost and how much my bodies changes in a short amount of time. Put on some old jeans today, did my belt up on the 4th hole and felt frumpy as very ill fitting and baggy ... not a good look. Might have to hit the charity shops or primark for some quick and cheap clothes as hoping to loose another 8lb (or so). Thanks for a motivating post πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Claire. Amazing, isn't it?

    I have yet to set foot in the charity shops for some cheap clothes - in the past it was always the worry of not being able to find anything as the window display is clearly catering to "skinnier" people. Maybe it's time I gave it a try?

    One or two of the tops I bought today are a teeny bit too small, seem a bit short, but I'm hoping by the time I go on holiday in July they'll fit - just a bit of motivation to keep me going in the meantime. 😊

  • I love a good charity shop hunt, you can get some really good quality brand items for pennies. You need lots of time and patience to have a thorough look through but can be very rewarding πŸ˜€

    I have a friend who is really small ( size 6-8 ) but tall and has problems with the length too. She loves next, zara and long tall Sally that seem to cater. Might be worth a look. But obviously not charity shop price's πŸ˜€

  • Haha. I have the opposite problem to your friend at 5'1"!

    I am so very tempted to invest in a sewing machine - being restricted to the petite section is annoying and even most of those clothes are too long! The sleeves usually fit, but trousers are always an inch or two too long...

    Maybe I can pick up some practice pieces at the charity shop. πŸ˜‰

    We have plenty of charity shops. I live in a small place which lives off tourism, and tourist love a good charity shop. πŸ˜‰

  • Sounds just like the town I live in every other shop is a charity πŸ˜€

    Give the tailor making a go what have you got to loose, you never no you might have a hidden talent !!

    Good luck x

  • You should try children's clothes Foodie, they should be the right size and much cheaper. My daughter always tries to get kids shoes, for that very reason.

    You shouldn't have any trouble buying nice stuff, because it seems that children's clothes are just small adult clothes now :)

    Have fun, I really envy you! :)

  • Haha. Mr Osborne will get me done for VAT evasion! πŸ˜‚

  • LOL!! :D

  • Talking about sewing I always used to make my own clothes from being 14 years old to having my second child a long time ago but now I have resurrected it out the cupboard and started sewing again it not only keeps my hands and more importantly my mind busy but you choose the fabric, the pattern and you are sure never to see anyone wearing the same outfit as you plus the satisfaction/achievement helps too. Why not have a go you might just find a new hobby that you are brilliant at, also lucky you for working so hard to get to a size 6-8 and very well done!

  • I remember having to sew in school, but this was restricted to tote bags and cushion covers! My grandmother was a master of the craft, she used to work in a fabric shop and did some tailoring. I regret never really learning it from her!

    I am very tempted, I might never make it to trousers, but how difficult can a little t-shirt be? It's like a tote bag but with more openings, right? ;)

    One of our little local cafes unfortunately is shutting down, but they're using the legs/bases etc of old singer sewing machines as tables, which they're now selling - so very tempted to pick one up to give my potential sewing machine a suitable home! :)

  • Why not search the charity shops and then alter the clothes to fit? Could be cheaper than buying the material etc. I love a good bargain from the Charity shops and fortunately now my waist size has reduced I am more likely to find things to fit! :-)

  • It's crazy how sizes differ from just shop to shop too!

    My work pants are from boohoo and are a size 24 :( But I have some primark jeans I fit in that are a 20?

    I always have a problem trying to find pants that are long enough too as I have 34" legs!

    Hopefully I'll have your problem in a years time :)

  • The clothing size issue is a biggy, isn't it. You sometimes don't even have to leave the shop. Debenhams being the prime example. They have several "brands" and "designers" which effectively are theirs, but there are massive differences in size! One of the size 6 tops I picked up is much bigger than some of the size 8s!

    I'm sure you'll join me down here in no time. When I started with my 20/22 (in October 2014) it took me a while to need a new dress size. I then ended up more or less skipping size 14. 😊

  • It might be worth looking at TK Max, New Look, Peacocks and the supermarket ranges, just for some cheapies while you find your feet, style wise. If they could sell me clothes at my fattest (and they did), I am sure they will have some in your smaller sizes. It might be worth looking at the teen ranges too, since you are now so tiny. One of my friend's gave herself a getting to goal present of using one of the personal shoppers in Debenhams. She said it was really helpful in finding out the styles and colours that suited her new self. She only actually bought a couple of things. She said there was no pressure and the woman that helped her was really enthusiastic and supportive.

  • The personal shopper sounds interesting. Might give that a go once I get to my final goal - might make that my achievement treat! πŸ˜‰

    Unfortunately rather limited when it comes to shops locally, but we do have a new look where I get student discount, will probably make a few trips there throughout the next few weeks. 😊 Although I'm always too tempted to pop into fatface next door - I'm not a girly girl! πŸ˜‚

  • A fantastic achievement goal treat .... I might do that too πŸ˜€ great idea!!! I'm going to start saving my pennies πŸ‘—πŸ‘’πŸ‘ πŸ‘š

  • I think I might do it too. Never think of doing things like that for myself. Not a girly girly either, more trousers and tailored.

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