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Distraction techniques #2

okay, so not entirely sure if this is going to help with weight loss - but it did get me (and the kids) out of the house yesterday afternoon in my "Danger Zone" time (3.30-5.30)

People walking by stopped and stared, some commented on how it was wonderful to see such innovation and to see the family working together, others (mostly) just gave a side glance and a snigger....

I did not care! I was not in my kitchen, I was not snacking, not even the kids were snacking.

So what were we doing I hear you say, well, for 2 hours, the three of us (me & 2 children) de-weeded our double drive using nothing but a steak knife and a screwdriver!!!! - today, 24 hours on, we still have mud ingrained in our fingers, nails which are scratched and broken, and the odd ant bite that needed savalon - but we had fun, and we talked, and we laughed and we met a neighbour we've not spoken to before - I felt proud.....

That was until my husband came home, and declared "you know we have a tool for that in the shed?....(4 seconds pass)....look here it is, (its copper brush on a long handle and the bristles fit between the bricks), you use it like this.....(demonstrates, and what took 3 of us 2 hours, would have taken 1 of us 10 minutes) .. I now feel a bit like a child slave owner and slightly guilty about the ant bite.....

I made upside down jam cake to make up for it.....and I didn't have any :)

Hope you're all having good days today too.


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Oh wish I had know as I would have told you about that tool as I did the same to our brick driveway on Sunday and the tool does really help. My mum and dad came over and helped me and I agree it is quite a social event. It was nice to see and have a chat to several of my neighbours who were in their front gardens tidying up too. Definitely think it helps weight loss - it kept me away from temptation and certainly must have burnt quite a few calories. How lovely that your children helped you too :)

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Sounds like some lovely, quality family time which is the opposite of a waste. Fab. Xx


Well done on your resourcefulness forthe100thtime 🌱 shame your husband didn't come back a little earlier 😀 bet you had a fun time anyway!! Hope you got those nails clean 😂 and well done for passing on the cake. Claire x


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