Tell me about your activity tracker!

I'm thinking about getting a different activity tracker, and thought it might be worth having somewhere others can look at too, if interested. So tell me:

What's it called?

How much did it cost?

How do you wear it?

What are the pros and the cons?

At the moment I have a Jawbone UP move, which cost around £30. It clips to your clothes, but you can get a watch strap to hold it too.

Pros: it doesn't pick up car bumps, the app is good, it's compact.

Cons: doesn't register steps in the house, basic display.


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13 Replies

  • I bought a Samsung Gear smartwatch and I absolutely love it, it tracks any exercise from the watch and more activities from my phone which it is linked to, it also monitors my heart rate hourly which is great for me since I had a heart attack last year, it cost me £200 quite pricey but I look at it as an investment in my health, also if I haven't moved inn a while it buzzes to tell me to get moving, there are other Samsung smart watches a bit cheaper than that though

  • Sounds like a good purchase if you're really looking for the whole package :)

  • Thanks Cooper27 for asking a very relevant question. I use my phone to count steps but don't believe it so was looking at different alternatives. Have a very limited budget so interested to see any replies, was thinking about getting a very basic pedometer!?!? 😀 thankyou. Claire x

  • Hi Cooper27

    I have two trackers in use, I have had my FitBit "One" since March 2014 and they have made vast improvements over the accuracy particularly over the past few weeks.

    In the past this tracker was inaccurate when it came to miles vs steps, it registered steps fairly accurately but the miles were way out - too low, when comparing to a GPS tracker the miles just didn't match up - this has improved recently.

    The FitBit comes with an app to store all sorts of data, from weight to calories burned / intake. The burned calories however are out as well, it suggests that I burn around 400-600 calories a day more than I actually do - if you rely on that information that's rather inconvenient!

    The FitBit one is a clip on pedometer, most people would clip it on a pocket or belt loop, I have mine clipped to the middle of my bra where it is invisible. :)

    Price point, around £70 I believe - I can't remember.

    I also have an Apple Watch since its release last year.

    The watch had major issues when it came to calculating calories burned - like the FitBit it overestimated things - but this seems to have been fixed and the watch is fairly accurate.

    As the Apple Watch can use the iPhone to support it, the miles travelled has never been a problem as it is calibrated using the phone's GPS.

    I love my watch as it is my fitness tracker and so much more.

    Downside, comes with an Apple price tag of somewhere "from" £300 and with that the Apple closed circle - you can only use it if you have an iPhone... :(

    Verdict, I think if all you want to do is count your steps/miles then the FitBit is a great option. They come in all shapes and sizes and with that price ranges.

    After reading a few reviews apparently clip on pedometers are more accurate than the ones you wear on your wrist, so the FitBit's cheaper "zip" will probably do just as well. :)

  • The fitbit seems to be the most popular, I know my work colleague reall likes his. I've heard that about the calories, and think the jawbone is meant to be better for that. Is there no way to calibrate the fitbit using their app?

  • I'm not sure how smart the app is. As of today's update you're able to give it your stride length so I assume it will be more accurate in terms of distance, maybe that'll help the calories, too?

    Also, I have the Fitbit wifi scales which feed straight into the app and they overestimate my fitness thinking I'm at 23% body fat. If the app is smart enough to take that number into account it might overestimate the calories burned based on muscle mass burning more than fat would...

    I'll try and measure my stride length tomorrow to feed that in and see how it changed the figures. 😊

  • Oh cool, I didn't realise you could get scales to go with! Better not tell my OH, he'd be all over that!

  • I love the scales! They look a bit more neat than your average bathroom scales and not having to keep track yourself avoids any typos! 😉

  • HI, I have the Jawbone UP, brought it in an offer for around £45 instead of £60. It tracks my steps, notes if it thinks i have done an activity and ask. It also monitors sleep if you push the button and buzzes if i sit for to long. You can set reminders (i use it to remind me to go to bed to get my zzzz'ds). It connects via bluetooth to my phone and sends me weekly emails. Lots of good features but not the heart monitor/pulse etc.

  • Is that the one you wear on your wrist? Can it only be worn like that, or is there a way to clip on to a belt?

  • Yes it is a wrist band and not a clip on version, but I find it very comfortable and have worn it for the best part of a year.

  • Can anyone recommend one that will work with an iphone 4, I have bought a couple of smart watches before but they won't pair with my phone.

    Really just want something that counts steps but I have found basic pedometers are not very reliable.

    Any suggestions welcome xx

  • I used to have the Fitbit Charge Hr, really recommend it. Think they are about £90. Measures steps, stairs, resting heart rate and activity hr and sleep which i used to like. I had to get rid of mine as I had an allergic reaction to the strap though.

    I now have a Tom Tom Spark, the base model is about £100. It does normal activity tracking but also does work out tracking, can do running, cycling, gym and swimming. All with GPS so you get accurate mileage whilst tracking activity. The downside is its quite a bit bigger than all the normal tracking watches. But still looks okay on my small lady wrists.

    They do other models which do heart rate and music too, I have the one that does both. It cost me about £150 as I found a discount code.

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