Don't read if easily grossed out !

Weight. Obesity, brings lots of issues that most of us are already familiar with.....

One I want to let you know of, though again, some of you will be familiar with.........

My weight was predominantly on my belly, it was so large that 'personal cleaning' was very difficult... Gross, yes. Humiliating, very. Appalled, yes. So many ways that obesity impacts on daily living, this, for me, was the bottom line, ( pun intended ) Obesity is not funny. I do not believe in the 'jolly fat person' . I'm no feather weight now, but I can now perform certain personal tasks, as we all should be able to, if of reasonable size. If you are currently having the same problems, whether it be personal care, fitting in to plane seats, or whatever, please take heart....... You don't have to suffer the impact of obesity , you can lose weight, yes YOU can ! Your daily life can be more comfortable......... Changing life style habits is so not easy, but here, you have to do some pros and cons ........ ...... How much does it matter to you if you cannot perform personal tasks ? Eating healthier, does not mean living on salads, does not mean doing without any of your favourite foods at all.............. The battle, as I've said is not easy, but your situation 'can be improved' if you want it enough........

Trier X


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  • :-)- great honesty and thank you for sharing:-)

  • Nice to hear from you again trierisme and I totally agree with you it's how much do you want to change to make life easier for yourself, personally I have lost weight before only to put it back on again usually from some sort of loss or family crisis, sometimes we are so involved with others care etc we totally forget ourselves and let the slippery slope begin and before you know it you are well and truly stuck in a rut. Last week I finally found this site built up the courage to join it and will power to start on my journey ( a journey to better health, before I'd just say dieting but that word to me is the same as DENY so I never stuck to it) A week on tomorrow and through the lovely posts I read and the support it's been easy, just got to up the exercise. I hope you are progressing in your journey I can relate to the belly issue even the sores/spots that come with it ugh! Thanks everyone for all your stories of hope, well being and positivity.

  • I agree ! There IS , let's face it , unpleasant things about being obese, who talks about THEM though ? We bemoan our size, but the things like sores, or difficulty with personal care is never, to my knowledge anyway, acknowledged let alone talked about even to ones nearest and dearest ..... You're right, the D word on its own ....... 'I'm going on a diet ......' groan.... is not helpful at all ! A 'healthier diet' is, imo, a positive approach ....... Keep in touch ! We all know what it's like to struggle, fail, but it's time we said a big obese no to guilt, to the 'diet industry ! Xxx

  • I couldn't agree more Trier, as I was in exactly the same boat! I will never again take for granted being able to wipe my own backside, or cut my own toenails! The simple pleasures in life....................unless you're obese! :)

    As you say, if we can do it, so can everyone else! :)

  • You're not wrong there ! There's nothing special about me, I don't have a magic formula, I'm not more strong willed than anybody else, I just think of what a humiliation I was to myself and said NO ! End of !


  • Hi Trier,

    It's good to point out the many positives of losing weight, and the personal care issues are definitely pertinent, and thank you for sharing your post and it's great that you're improving your situation, and feeling healthier and you've continued being the 'trier' that you obviously are! Great commitment and focus, and I hope you have another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you low cal...... I was aware that the post touched on extremely personal things; the sheer unpleasant, unmentionable side of being substantially overweight, but that, really was what the post was trying to highlight it I suppose...... Your always so kind on here 😘 And I know you administrate along with others as well, thank you xxx

  • yes I agree

    was reading a report in a newspaper recently which gave some startling figures on obesity. Figures up to 2014 showed that obesity related admissions to hospital in the UK have gone up tenfold to a staggering 440,00 in 2014 since 2004. This is worrying and the cost to the NHS is huge


  • Absolutely ........ Here in wales there have been huge cuts in funding for bariactric surgery which would would free up money that otherwise would have been spent on treating obese adults with weight related health issues ; short sighted ? I believe so....


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