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Back on track

Hi all after an awful week I am back on track on Monday of last week I had a bad fall broke my nose skinned all my arm and have a badly injured knee. It was my weigh in day and as I posted I had stuck so I was already a bit down but the accident finished my off for a few days I was comfort eating but managed to get back to my diet by Thursday I was eating healthy again I lost 1lb waist stayed the same I have until Friday to lose 1more lb then I will have lost half a stone that was my first target for my holiday disappointed that my cossie won't be used I have too many bandages but I am comforted by the fact that I stuck with this diet for just 5 weeks and lost 7lb week 6 will have to be when I get back not counting calories on holiday but I will watch what I eat.Hope you are all as inspired by this diet as I am because it does work I went to Slimming World for years and only succeed in yo yo weight loss.


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Oh my! I am so sorry about your accident, that does sound nasty, but well done on your weight loss so far and have a lovely holiday, despite all the bandages and dressings etc.


Thank you for your kind words I am over the shock now and healing nicely been on this diet helped me in a way more time to study menus.


I don't know how I've missed your post until now holiday! I'm so sorry to hear about you accident! Poor you! What a nightmare! :o

I shall keep everything crossed for you losing that 1lb by friday, because you deserve a bit of luck after everything you've been through :)

I hope you have a fantastic holiday, even if you can't wear your cossie to show off your beautiful, slim body :)

Take care and have fun! :)


Thank you Moreles Friday is the day to aim at hope to get the 1lb off .but also hope to get some of the dressings off and the nose is healing well I am still going to put my cossie on wouldn't say slim body but a little better than it was thanks to the 12 week plan. And I will have fun!,😍

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Well done your weight loss. Hope you have a speedy recovery from your awful accident xxx


Thank you for you kind wishes it was bad but I am healing well and going to have a great holiday.


Ouch! Hope your injuries heal soon. I don't understand Slimming World either. Glad you are back on track :)


Hi Mufintop still like your name glad someone else didn't get on with SW I felt a real failure with it. Thanks for kind wishes I am doing OK by Friday I won't look so bad ( I hope )


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