KathyPoppet's Garden

KathyPoppet's Garden

Hello, I'm KathyPoppet! - I have lived in Calvados, Normandy, since I retired in 2007. We have a slightly too large garden which keeps us both busy. We have planted over 200 trees and thousands of daffodils since we arrived here. Despite all this activity, I have gained over 2 stone since I retired - mainly due to our wine and crisps habit every evening!


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6 Replies

  • From a fellow retiree and ex pat (Portugal) I can identify with the weight gain, the good life plays havoc with the waist line doesn't it. I can recommend the nhs 12 week plan, I am on week 9 and have lost 1 ½ stone without feeling too deprived.

  • Thanks for your reply, MW 50. Yes, I will definitely try the 12 week plan. Despite having a healthy diet - loads of salad and fruit, not much meat, plenty of seafood - I have put on this unwelcome weight. I'm only 5ft.2in but my BMI is 26.2 and I must lose 1stone. We don't eat fast food or chips but perhaps I shouldn't eat bread at all - although cannot resist the French bread.

    My husband often accuses me of spending too much time on my iPad - but I love it!

    Must get outside and pull up more weeds - May is a busy time for us!

  • Two of my favourite things - a nice glass of wine and a bowl of crisps! Your garden sounds amazing and must be blooming :)

  • Yes, it is at the moment, FizzyLiz! It is a very interesting garden - odd little flowers sometimes pop up, so I spend a lot of time trying to identify them. As you probably know, it rains a lot in Normandy, hence all the lovely cream and cheese, so we also spend a lot of time dodging the showers.

  • I sympathise, we did exactly the same when we had a house in Normandy and spent every opportunity in the garden. The wine has to stay that's a given! I think pretzels are lower in calories than crisps and have just 10% of the fat and 20% of the saturated fat so almost healthy in comparison.

  • Yes - I agree - the wine has to stay! Thanks for reminding me about pretzels - we used to eat a lot of those so I must try to change back to them.

    Love your nickname, belly laugh! Great!

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