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Start of Week 34 … Success Re-Gained

MyFitness App all is forgiven. As a recap, I downloaded MyFitness App two weeks ago with the concept that I would shift those last few stubborn pounds and reach my ideal weight. Now let me make a few things clear before proceeding:

• My primary aim is not to hit a certain weight; it is to lead a healthier life style and not overindulge in all that is bad for my body

• Life is about a journey it is not about the destination, or as Vivian Green so eloquently puts it, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass … It is about learning to dance in the rain.”

• I am reaching a major milestone at the end of the year, so started on this journey prior to my 48th birthday in readiness to reach my healthier lifestyle before I reach the half way mark of life.

• As it happens I have an ideal weight I want to return to prior to hitting the very minor hiccough, some people refer to as 50, and I happen to be nearly there.

• So I thought after doing the 12 week NHS plan, which was extremely successful, I would use a little extra help from the app to beat those last few pounds into submission.

Now back to the story … I detailed all my criteria and set the expectations as the app suggested. Since I have a desk based occupation I went with the recommendation of a sedentary job; even though I walk each morning as advised by the NHS 12 week plan, i.e. 150 minutes a week.

Any way last week I was very upset because I actually put weight on; I actually gained weight … “Best laid plans of mice and men” [John Steinbeck's 1937 novel - Of Mice and Men]. So I am pleased to say this week, after reducing my calorific intake on my profile I have managed to lose those pounds I gained last week and am back to where I started pre-app-download.

Now what will be really cool is if my idea works and I actually lose one/two pounds for next weekend. Ahh!!! I am away so cannot get weighed in. Damn you bank holiday weekend! Why do you have to come around and give us enjoyment? I will have to wait a fortnight now to see if this app actually works. My world is crumbling, falling apart.

At least I am still surrounded by you good people giving me moral support. Don’t go, I’ll be back.

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Hi Johnny-One,

I really enjoyed reading your post, and it's great to hear you've shed those pounds you had gained last week, so you're back to your starting weight pre-app-download. Hopefully your plan will work so you can lose one or two pounds for next weekend. Good luck!!! :-) Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and yes, we are here to offer you moral support. You can do this! We'll be here when you get back. :-)

Lowcal :-)


Bank holiday weekend - dieters nightmare ...

Good read - thanks for entertainment :-)


Hi Johnny-One. Reading your post seems similar to my story. I really wanted to be more healthy and hopefully reach a more reasonable weight by my 50th birthday next year. I love that quote about dancing in the rain and have a picture of it on my utility wall. Well done for losing those few pounds and sure you will lose a bit more before the weekend. Have a nice time away and it will be interesting to see how you have got on at the next weigh in. :)


Well, if you're driving, do what I will do this summer and take your scales with you. A lot of pharmacists have scales too! I am speaking as someone who went to Singapore for a month and bought some scales while I was there.


The problem with this is the accuracy ... If I use different scales I get different readings. For example I do not like my mother's because they show me as a heavier person. I did not say I do not like my mother, it was her scales!!!


Hi Johnny-One

Yes, you're right. But if you know what the difference is, can't you do the calculation? How about weighing your luggage on yours and then on hers. Won't that give you the variation. Sorry I am one of those awful people who is absolutely sure that every problem has a simple answer, if we can only think our way round it!


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