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Filling time - distraction technique

So here it is, the dead time, where disaster tends to unfold,

Once my kids wanted to play with me, but know they've got to old,

So for the next two hours, from half 3 to half 5

I have to think of things to do, to keep my plan alive!

The kids call for "Snack Time, it's been ages since our lunch,"

I know this is the killer start, and when I start to munch,

On bonkers food I'd never eat, if it was my choice,

But there in the back of my head, is that annoying voice.

Just one little bit, what damage can it do,

It's really not going to be, what does the harm to you,

And you might as well have another, and just a little more,

And before I have even noticed, I've had half a grocery store!

So, this time it wont defeat me, I have a cunning plan,

And it doesn't include, filling up on bran!

I have two pints of water, sat there ready to drink,

And a lap top in front of me, to keep my hands busy and think.

As the minutes tick by, I am starting to feel good,

90 minutes gone but that's more than I thought I would,

Session one of when I'd snack and pick, is coming to an end,

I hope that at the 8pm hour, this habit becomes a trend!

Enjoy your supper everyone.


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Oops, so good I posted twice in the excitement.... You are a poet!

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Composing poetry wasn't a distraction I had thought of... I have the same challenge - in between nagging about homework I have been known to Potter round the kitchen finding one little snack then another - but not this week, I have a cross stitch on the go and sewing is incompatible with crisps...

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Hi Forthe100thtime,

Lovely poem!

Lowcal :-)

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For a short time when giving up smoking, I did lots of wet work in the house. I couldn't smoke with wet hands. Sparkling house for a while there. Those were the days. Wonder if it would work for food.


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