Weigh-in day & Monday motivation💪🏼

Weigh-in day & Monday motivation💪🏼

Hi everyone, so I've been trying my hardest to eat healthily over the past week! I weighed in today and I've lose 1lb! On one hand I'm pleased because a loss is a loss! But on the other hand it just seems so slow :( slow and steady wins the race I guess...bit of Monday motivation for you all; this is what 1 pound of fat looks like! So try not to get disheartened and keep going :)


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4 Replies

  • ...i am in the same boat a you- stupid slow - but if that is the way it is - then so be it. All those loses do a dd up - and as you say fat is a heap of a mess - better out than in:-)

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Definitely! Thanks, good luck to you too!😊

  • I've eaten like a SAINT recently, huge amounts of vegetables in particular (to fill me up). I've lost 1lb this week, and I initially felt the same as you two - a weary, "is that IT?" weighing myself this morning. Never seen that pic before, but it's certainly helped put things in perspective. Thanks!

  • Definitely very motivating, and Congratulations!!!! :-)

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