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Losing weight

Hi my name is Irene, I am starting this 12 week programme to lose weight as my bmi is too high to allow me to have surgery on my knees. I have been given a six month window to lose weight; without much exercise as I find walking very painful. I have tried every diet going so I do know a lot about losing weight but sticking to it had always been my downfall. This time I have greater motivation as the pain I am suffering has become unmanageable. Any support would be gratefully received.

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Hi and welcome Irene :)

The first thing that I'm going to do, is invite you along to our monday group weigh-in :)


Then I'm going to point you in the direction of the pinned posts section to the right of your screen, as it contains our newbie thread, a recipe thread and several motivating challenges :)

Wishing you every success, so that you can have the operation on your knees and see an end to your terrible pain :)


Thank you for your welcome. I will take a look at all you suggest.

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Hi and welcome you have made the first step towards your success. I have had a look on you tube and if you type in exercises while sitting down there are a lot on there that you can do without using your knees/legs many to up beat music to lift your mood too .I don't know if it is something you could do be it is there anyway. Good Luck hope the pain eases a little for you. Bev


Thank you Bev for replying. Will definitely take a look at what you suggest.


Hi I also need to lose weight so I can have an operation on my knees walking is almost impossible if I do go out I have to use the wheelchair which I hate I started the 12 week programme last week and lost 3 pounds this week I was so pleased one step nearer to being pain free good luck


Thank you for your message, sorry to hear you need a wheelchair to get about. I've just progressed to a walking stick for support. Started my plan this morning and got myself sorted for the coming week. Pleased to hear about your weight loss this week. This time next week we will both be lighter! Best wishes. Irene.


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