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Gypsywife happy...no weight gain over my last 3 weeks of holidays

Still 17 stone ! mightily relieved actually!! We ate out all the time during the last 10 days in Malta, but we also did quite a bit of easy walking (for me). I am up against lymphodema and arthritis, as well as high blood pressure, so I need to carry on being very aware of what goes in my mouth, because I really do love food!! I will go back on the 5:2 diet this week, coupled with generally keeping a written record of what I eat. Good luck to everyone else...this has to be the very long haul for me!!

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Well done, that's fantastic. I'm on holiday June 4th and I'm concerned that I might put on weight (I had a thread on here) so you've eased my worries a bit :)

I do a lot of walking.

I don't understand the 5:2 myself, you eat normally then eat nothing for two days. I've been losing weight fine just eating the amount of calories the BMI calculator on here told me too but each to their own I guess. I wish you all the best, you are proving that nothing can hold you back when you want to lose weight!


Brilliant Gypsywife, what a star! You couldn't ask for a better result! You must be thrilled, I know I would be! :)

Now that you're back home, I'll bet those pounds start falling! :)

Keep up the great work! :)

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