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7 years married, 3.5 stone heavier. 😔

I'm just weighed in at 16 St 11lb. This is my start weight. I'm so angry I'm going to treat this 5 stone as the enemy it is, and destroy it.

Today is my 7 th wedding anniversary. I obviously got confused, and thought I was marrying the fridge that day.

Onwards, and downwards. Hope everyone is getting the results they want, happy birthday moreless.

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Hi M7salltheway,

You've posted an individual post, but I heard you were trying to join us in the Monday group weigh-in, so I am just posting the link for you here:


If you click on that link, then you can then click 'reply' to that post and you'll be able to post your weigh-in and be included in our stats etc. But if you have any problems, let me know, and I'll copy and paste your results.

Brilliant that you are joining us, and hope to see you over there!

Lowcal :-)


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