Painted my nails

Hey it's Monday....The new start of the week.....wasn't feeling positive yesterday, needed to re-read many posts from the group (really helps) thank you all.......Had to draw on inner strength, and decided to paint my nails and have a full take my mind off raiding the larder/fridge. Positive, I didn't let myself down and my nails are beautiful.....That was close.....! Have a good week everyone.


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5 Replies

  • Well done miamia, food can sometimes pull you in just like a magnet, you are going to have a great week.

  • What a brill idea keeping your mind and hands busy will beautiful nails as an end product, new week, new mind set, the only way is down ( weight wise of course )

  • Pedicures at 5.00am! That shows a can do attitude. Or was it last night's solution to the Sunday evening nibbles and you are admiring them this am? I felt I went a little bit off track yesterday. Then I realised that it was only up to the amount I am supposed to eat whereas recently I have been under. This is a revolutionary moment.

  • Sunday night nibble avoided......! great nails....!

  • Clever idea! Keep your hands busy instead of eating! I love it! Now you have stunning m=nails! Thanks for encouraging me to paint mime! Well at long last I did a mini manicure now I just need the varnish!

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