Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge Update - 22nd May 2016

Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge Update - 22nd May 2016

Hi everyone,

Sorry I was a bit slack last week and forgot to post an update on the challenge.

Please see link below for the original post if you are not aware of this challenge - it is of course always open to new comers :)

My update - I must confess I have been wandering off track a bit lately, lots of stress at work :( So my progress has not been great. I am now off work for a week and will no doubt overindulge but I will also get more exercise :)

I know from the site that people are making great progress in their weight loss so please update us all on your great achievements.

And for those of us having a little less success, this challenge will be carrying on for many more months so plenty of time to get back on track and drop a dress size or two :)


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102 Replies

  • Love the idea of this post!

    Well at the start of this year I had some size 20 jeans that were inches away from fastening. I could just about get them to fasten but had a huge muffin top hanging over the edge all the way round 😩

    Now proud to report that the jeans button and zip up very comfortably!!

    My next clothing goal will be my work lab coat to fasten. Must be another few inches off fastening comfortably so I'd like to fit back in that by the end of summer!

  • Great progress this year so far Primelle, good luck getting your lab coat to fasten :)

  • Your doing well love, keep going, I'm starting for the first time on Thursday......wish me luck! :) x

  • Good luck :D

  • Hi, I'm starting today!! Excited but have a long way to go x 🙂

  • I am so glad that i am not the only one who has wandered off but at least I have come back.

    Some of my clothes are looser but i still need to get into one more dress which did fit me a month ago.

    I am eating much more healthier and i am back to my walk/run in the park so I am hoping to get into my black slim dress in 3 weeks!

    Thanks Sue for starting this challenge it is so motivating!

  • Oooh bd! The little black number! I hope you'll post a picture of you modelling it, when it fits! ;)

  • Yes! Just remind me!

  • I will! :)

  • No problem! I am so excited!

  • Me too! :)

  • You are so skinny! I am so jealous! You worked hard and you deserve it!

  • What?? You're half my size! :)

  • Did I leak it out what size I am as it is so annoying I don't even know with all these different sizes. :) I was so excited that I fitted into all my clothes a month ago but than put on so I got so depressed but the truth is I am loosing again!

  • Woohoo! This time you're going all the way bd! :)

  • Yes!

    As I am talking to you I was going through FizzyLiz mini challenge and am motivated to buy anther new pedometer to get back to doing 10000 steps a day! Hoping to walk to tomorrow to Argos to get a new one!

  • Yaaaaay, there's no stopping you now! :)

  • Also with my MP3 player all thanks to Fitforit75 who encouraged me to buy one!

    Just ordered!

  • Glad your back on track BD. It is so easy to stray :( Good luck getting into your slim dress - it sounds like you are very motivated so I am sure you'll do it :)

  • Sorry Sue we will do this together and fit into all our clothes!


  • As you know Sue, I'm having a spot of bother with my dress! I think the problem is that my shape is changing. I was always a rectangle, but appear to be morphing into an inverted triangle! :o

    I can't yet fit into my size 18 dress, I think because it has a fitted top. I can, however, fit into my size 16 dress, probably because the top is more blouson and happily, into my size 16 denim skirt, which was number 2 on my list! :)

    I'm so thankful for this challenge, because without it, I would be missing out on things that fit and be depressed by things that don't! :)

    Sorry to hear that you've been stressed at work. With a bit of luck, being off for a week will calm you down and you'll start to lose the pounds and inches :)

    Looking forward to seeing how everyone else is getting on! :)

  • Hi Moreless, I know what you mean about shape. I had a gorgeous size 28 (a very small 28) top from Next which I could never do up on my belly, when I'd finally lost enough belly to do it up the shoulders were huge so it's never been worn :(

    Maybe you'll have to be at piece with wearing separates, that way you can make the most of your new figure!

    Keep up the good work :)

  • I think that's a very sound idea Sue and definitely the best way to go. How strange to change shape at this stage of life! I didn't even realise it was possible. I thought we were always basically the same shape :o

  • HI super. I have less than a week (next Saturday) until I wanted to be able to get back into 'the dress' for a family party for my daughters 18th birthday. Last time I tried it on I could not move, eat, or probably breath while wearing it. I have not tried the dress on for a couple of weeks but will need to over the next few days as If it does not fit still I will have to go shopping :(

  • Fingers crossed muffintop! :)

  • Thanks moreless :) I have my mother in law coming to stay with us for a week from tomorrow so am hoping she doesn't want to take me out to lunch much this week. Although it will be very nice I will find it hard to stick to my calories. :)

  • How about suggesting day trips that don't involve food? Stately homes, gardens, local places of interest? Fingers crossed with the weather and you can take picnics with you :)

  • Sounds very exciting! Just up my street! :)

  • Yes that sounds like a good idea and would involve a good walk too. Just need to steer her away from the cafe or we will be in for afternoon tea!

  • Take a flask! :D

  • I am liking your suggestions moreless - good tactics for staying on track ;)

  • I'm full of bright ideas muffin and after 8 months on this journey, I've just about covered every base :D

  • Hi Muffintop,

    Good luck with getting into the dress - will you be standing for most of the party? If you will be then you maybe ok especially if you get some control underwear :)

    Good luck with not over indulging when your mother-in-law visits - I must say I have become more easily lead again :(

  • Hi yes I will probably be rushing around as hosting the party at my house :( Will get the spanx out for sure! Sorry autocorrect changed your name in my earlier post. Nice to be called 'super' though I guess. Hope I don't get too easily lead this week ;)

  • I started out in December 2015, at a size 22, got some clothes down from the loft, got into a size 20 and now getting into most size 18s. I need to work on this size to fit comfortably in all clothes (top and bottom) so I'm doing Gym work too.

    Best wishes to all x

  • Good luck sunny day sounds like you are doing fab. I am a 22 at the mo and aiming for an 18 by the end of the year.

    Hope you can enjoy the gym as I am sure it will help a great deal :)

  • I tried my skirt (size 10 US) to see how I was getting on. Imagine my surprise when it actually zipped up! :o

    Still not comfortable to wear, it's too tight. But I never thought I'd be at the stage yet where it would zip closed because I've been losing (with a bit of maintaining) but my waist hasn't changed all the much. It looks like it's come off somewhere I hadn't measured! :)

  • Well done Vicky, you must be chuffed :D

    I guess just measuring doesn't always work, so great to have something to fit into and help you gauge your progress :)

  • Hi Sueper, I felt a little down last week. In away, I'm glad that you did post, I gained 1 lb however in today's weigh I lost 2 lbs finally.

    My Jeans is fitting the same way, I can only button up 3 buttons comfortably and aiming for 3 more. The story is not all depressing news, although my waist line have stayed fixed for a number of weeks, I have loss 2 1/2 ins on my hips, 2 1/2 ins on my love handles, arms 1/2 in and thighs 1/2 in. All this happen since I have been posting.

    Hopefully, I'm in the losing phase again for the next 6 weeks, next time I report, maybe something positive, lost on the waist line.

    The challenge is great, that for hosting us. I'm looking for to seeing the pictures of success.

  • Hi hhp, sounds like you are making fab progress! My waist is pretty stubborn and I lose many more inches elsewhere.

    Good luck with those last 3 buttons :)

  • hi there, trousers still don't meet but convinced the gap is smaller by a fraction. hubby very skeptical but he's not over weight and definitely not supportive, going to prove him wrong

  • Good on you prawncess - don't let him put you off! A small fraction is better than no fraction :D

  • My goal wasn't getting into clothes, but to go from a 39 inch waist to (at the most) 30 inches by Christmas. Last update I'd got down to 37.5 inches, today my waist is 36 inches. 😄😄

    Onwards and downwards 👍

    Mouse 🐭

  • Brilliant Mouse!! Sounds like you could do it by Christmas. Maybe try to yoga waist whittling exercises too :)

  • HI, I am going to join this challenge and focus on a pair of trousers I brought last March in Norway (that's March 2015) which were a bit tight because I was going to lose the weight. I probably need to lose about 1/2 stone more to get into them reasonably comfortably. Just to remind myself, they cost over £100 and are robust outdoor trousers which i plan to use on a lot of my camping trips. i have continued to camp but haven't been able to wear them yet!

    I do have trouble finding post so if I don't come back it's probably cause i cant find the post!

  • Hi Sandy - there is usually a link to the current post in the pinned posts on the right of the screen so check there.

    Having a £100 pair of trousers to slim into is great motivation so good luck :)

  • found it :) and came back - whoop whoop

  • Hello dear challengers! After I tried my tight fitting old blue dress on, wearing it one morning, i went a bit cookoo and had two bars of chocolate in the past week. OOOPs, radishes were there ample, it was not the fridge I looked in but the cellar, where we stock our tins and staples, and of course chocolate ;-( . The chocolates were not meant to be eaten by me, all the other family members have a right of chocolate as well, ... resumee I need definitely two more months of behaving properly :-D before I feel this blue dress again... Happy zipping to you all :-P

  • Oh dear flower-arranger. I am having a similar issue with sweets - why do I keep buying them??

    We'll still be here in 2 months when you try the dress again :)

  • I am sorry to be so late in replying, it slipped my mind!

    I tried on my jacket again on Sunday and lo! I can do it up! Just. It is dangerously tight and looks too strained across my belly, but it fits much more comfortably across the shoulders now.

    Soon, jacket, soon....

  • Well done LTL - you may not need to do it up now the weather is warmer :)

    My motto is squeeze into anything that fits (without looking like an over cooked sausage), as hopefully I'll slim out of it soon so I need to get lots of wear out of it. Plan not quite working at present though!

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Hi sueper . Well tomorrow is the day I wanted to wear my dress that I have not worn for about 4 years. I tried it on last Tuesday and thought that it would probably be ok (especially with a little help from some decent underwear). Having lost 20 lbs now I am almost at the weight I was the last time I wore the dress. Disaster struck yesterday morning - I developed a nasty, red, itchy, blotchy rash over both of the tops of my arms. It seems I am allergic to Palmers Firming Cocoa Butter which I had been applying liberally after being recommended it by a friend. I am now covered in calamine lotion as well as the red blotches and look decidedly unattractive. I will not be able to wear the dress as the sleeves cut right across the itchy patch and anything touching it just makes it worse. So will have to have a change of wardrobe tomorrow and keep the dress for another time. Disappointed :)

  • Aww Muffintop that is really disappointing for you. I hope the rash clears soon - I tend to be allegoric to lots of things so know how you feel :(

    Have you tried the dress anyway to see if it fits even if you can't wear it out?

    Hope you found something suitable to wear and to show off your new slimmer figure :)

  • HI sueper. Yes the dress fits ok although its still a little tight around the middle. Muffintop taking a while to disappear. I found an outfit in my wardrobe that I had kept as I loved it but have not worn it for about 20 years (how sad am I to still have it!) I was delighted to find it fitted me lovely. I am going out for Sunday lunch next week so am going to wear my dress then. Rash is slightly better today thank you. Hope you enjoying the bank holiday weekend :)

  • Glad things are improving :) It is fab that you found something you love so much that now fits! Making excellent progress :)

  • Oh no muffin! What a disaster! :(

    I hope you've uncovered something equally as lovely to wear and that the rash has subsided.

    Wishing you a really lovely time, you've been waiting for this for a long time :)

  • Thanks so much moreless. Yes I did find something in the back of the wardrobe that I was happy to wear and the sleeves did not interfere with my rash. It is slightly better today thank you. The party was great and everyone enjoyed it I think. Can't believe after all the weeks of planning it is all over now. Fingers crossed for the weigh in tomorrow - I hope I managed to avoid too much damage from my buffet yesterday. Lots of cake hovering around at home too. :)

  • You did brilliantly! You clever girl! :)

  • Hello! I have a whole box of clothes I kept with the aim of sometime fitting into...plenty of waistbands that don't go past your bottom, plenty of chests that get stuck over your shoulders rather than slide down, plenty of gaping zips...but I did try on a denim skirt yesterday and yes! it goes all the way up! and I can even fasten the buttons! still quite uncomfortably and rather unsightly I may add, but hey, I'm in! I'm on week 5 of 12 now and it's going great, I started cycling to work and doing yoga, although I have my moments of straying, so any tips are very welcome. I also went to my local outdoor pool and sauna yesterday and, for the first time since I was pre-pubescent (I'm 41) I didn't feel fat. I'm definitely not thin...but I didn't feel you know what I mean? Well done all of you, here's to feeling great and looking fabulous!

  • Sounds like you are doing great. Well done and keep it up newme4ever :)

  • Just as a by the by Sue, I was sorting through the clothes in my wardrobe and having a trying on session (my new and favourite pastime :) ) and I came across the dress that I bought for my silver wedding anniversary (14 years ago) and it fitted me! I was so chuffed! I paraded in front of the mirror for ages! :D

    My hubby has promised me an especially posh weekend away, so that I'll have an opportunity to wear it again :)

    Hope all's going well with you and that you're able to fit into a lot more of the clothes filling your wardrobe :)

  • Great news moreless 👗 make sure you make your posh weekend away soon or else it won't fit again ...... but too big this time !!! 😃

  • Good, positive thinking Claire! :)

  • But then you can treat yourself to a new dress. Win win situation 😀

  • Perfect scenario! :)

  • Sounds fab Moreless :) I agree that you shouldn't leave it too long or you might miss you "fitting into it" window :)

    I still parade in front of the mirror as it is so weird being smaller - although I haven't shrunk much these last few months.

    I am loving getting into my summer clothes - bought a fair few bits earlier in the year as most of my crop trousers etc were hanging off me :D

    You must let us know when hubby has booked your posh weekend away :)

  • Having avoided mirrors for so long, "parading" has become a favourite pastime! :D

    I don't have any crop trousers that fit now either! I do have several skirts though and a couple of maxi dresses, which is perfect timing for my hols! :)

    I've also sorted out a whole pile of stuff that's being gradually fed through the wash, dry, iron, cycle, in readiness for my shrinkage! :D

    I will, of course, let you know when the posh weekend is booked :)

  • Ooh maybe the posh weekend could be in London?? :) :)

  • That would be very nice, but also very expensive! I'm not sure he'd be willing to splash that much cash! :D

  • Don't worry I'll have a word :D :D

  • I have managed to get into one of my dresses but 2 more still have inches until they do up. I am going to Pilates today and it is warm and I am pleased that I can get into a pair of calf length exercise trousers that I struggled with before. They are very stretchy so I don't think I can claim to really have gone down to that size, but it is progress after having a meltdown over the weekend and gaining 2lb. I feel a bit more positive today.


  • The weekends are always hard Merrymanda, hopefully that 2lb will soon disappear :) Good luck with those 2 inches :D

  • I managed to get into a size 14 dress that I bought 8 years ago and able to button up and look flattering ........yepeers. ...and the size 12 jeans I can now wear passed my thighs but no higher up....... ( which I could not do before) ☺

  • Well done Lamiah, making excellent progress :)

  • Thanks super! !!

  • Hi Sue,

    Just to say I've been relatively quiet in your Challenge, and not contributed anything for some time, and it's mainly because I was in a quandary about my wardrobe - i.e. I sorted through things, found it a bit of an emotive process, as I came across clothes I'd bought in the 1980's etc, and it was quite a retro experience! Past memories, stuff like that.

    Anyway, I have come across a top that I would like to wear that I have never ever managed to wear before, and currently does fit, but it is still too tight to wear comfortably - so I'm presuming that when I lose my final 7 pounds, then I'll be hopefully able to finally wear it - and I'll look forward to that!!! It was a present from a relative about 2 years ago, and I just couldn't fit into it at that time, although I was flattered that my relative thought I might be able to...!

    So, better late than never, I've finally chosen my clothing item for this Challenge! Thank you so much for organising the Challenge as it has kept me mindful in lots of ways, and I enjoy coming to read how everyone is getting on.

    Wishing everyone luck with their various goals.

    Sue, hope you're getting on well yourself and that you've had a good week.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done for finally finding something Lowcal. It is great going through old clothes with all the memories that go with it. I sold a lot of clothes a few years ago but had to hand on to a few bits just for the memories :)

    Good luck with the final 7lb.

    I am struggling to be focussed food wise but still keeping up the walking and in fact just became a Walking for Health leader - very pleased with that :D

  • Well, today might be the day that I just throw away some of my baggy "fat clothes". It is also weighing day and waist measuring day...but I think I'll wait until after I walked into town and I've shaken down my breakfast to do that! I'm moving house soon,, so I'll have to go through my wardrobe quite ruthlessly anyway. I never liked wearing stuff that clings to me and comfort was always a must, but now those nice, comfortable and, really, rationally, too large clothes are kind of holding me back. There is always that "just in case" in my head...or maybe in a way I think that my body doesn't deserve anything more flattering than that. But sod that! Today is the day the tents get thrown out! Have a fab day, all of you!

  • Good for you newme - did you get rid of many tents? I think as you lose weight you change shape too as you really do need to look at your wardrobe. Never keep the just in case clothes - that's my newish motto :) I do have one pair of big trousers just so I can see how far I have come.

    Have you bought yourself anything new to show off you new emerging figure?

  • Hi Sue! I did get rid of many tents...they went to Oxfam, so I'm quite happy nothing was wasted. My shape has changed...there are still the familiar mounds and hills, but they are smaller and my hips are disappearing. Let's not talk about the boobs...let's just say it makes it much easier to run! I haven't bought any new clothes, as I'm still going through the wish box and being in the middle of moving out of my flat, I'm rather trying to get rid of stuff; I did wear a reasonably fitted black T-shirt without a dreaded oversized cardigan on top yesterday (yes, in public!) and it felt alright, not like the usual "omg EVERYTHING shows in this!". On the downside, I'm off work for a couple of weeks now. I'm afraid late mornings and time to hang around might be making me a bit more lazy than usual and having lost 2.6 ibs last week, I would hate to spoil it. But thanks for asking, I already feel my resolution coming back after this chat. I hope you're doing well!

  • Hi Sue, me again. Just popped in for a natter, as we don't see much of you these days ;)

    The latest update on my wardrobe is that I've bought a dress to wear to my niece's wedding in December! :o

    I know, how random is that??!! It in no way fits me and is nothing like anything I've ever worn before! I've had a complete blowout of the brain! :D

    It's a figure hugging stretch lace dress! OMG, what was I thinking of?? It's a size 16, but all the reviews put it at a size below that stated. So this is a size 14 figure hugging dress! I wonder if I could wear it with a big baggy cardi over the top? ;)

    I'll keep you posted on my progress, because I'm sure you'll be dying to know how I get on??!! :D :D

  • I've done something similar yesterday....brought a dress that I can just about squeeze into but under no circumstances would I be able to be seen in it 😱 I want to west it on holiday in September so here one today xx

  • Lol Matilda, we're both in the same boat! :D

    We'll have to keep each other posted on our progress :)

    Good luck! :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Sorry I have been so absent lately so much going on at the mo. Slipped a fair but lately but weighed today (I have to be very brave as not weighed for weeks) & I've maintained so really pleased and hopefully I can now refocus :)

    How great that you have even contemplated a figure hugging dress & no you can't wear a big baggy cardi :D

    I need to find my tape measure so I can do a new update post. The dieting has slipped but the walking hasn't so I may have toned a bit :)

  • Oh well done Sue!! That's a fantastic achievement! It's everybody's dream to be able to maintain, when not trying really hard and you've managed it! That means that you've learned a whole new set of rules, which makes your future look so rosy! Sueper slim, Sueper sexy, here you come! ;)

    I bet you're getting your hour glass figure back and the gape in that dress of yours, is a heck of a lot smaller :)

    Go grab that tape measure and get posting! :)

  • I have located the tape measure but now lost my measurement lol! I will get there honest :D

  • What are you like??!! :D :D :D

  • Hi Sueper,

    What a great idea for a challenge. I bought myself a dress for just £1.50 yesterday which does not come near me but I liked it so much I couldn't resist. After posting about my target and uploading a picture of the dress I received some lovely messages of support one of which was from Moreless who told me I could join up for this challenge.

    So here I am. The dress is a size 12 but is very fitted so just about goes over my head at present but that about it :-(

  • We can do it esull and hopefully by December :)

  • Good luck esull - keep checking it regularly as you'd be surprised how quick things can change.

    And welcome to the challenge :)

  • Hi sueper. Well after my disappointment of not being able to wear my dress to my family party (although it still would have been a bit snug!) I now have a chance to wear it tomorrow to the church service of a friend's wedding. Hopefully as I am another 4 pounds down it should fit less snug and as my arms have fully recovered from the allergic reaction I should be good to go! Not tried it on yet but fingers crossed:)

  • Yaaaay muffin, that's brilliant news! We'd love to see a pic! :)

  • Thanks moreless I will try to get someone to take one :)

  • That's great, I can't wait! :)

  • Hi moreless I do have a pic of me in the dress but don't know how to put it on this reply. Could you let me know please - thank you.

  • Unfortunately you can't post pictures in replies, muffin. You have to start a new thread.

  • Oh ok thanks moreless :)

  • Great news Muffintup & glad the allergy cleared up :)

  • Yay I hit my goal my wedding skirt fits for the first time in 20yrs (got married 1995) just fit then, today I can breath it in where bsck then it was slightly tight.

    A big thanks to all in the group for your advice, help and support so far. It has been a huge help.

    There is still away to go but this challenge has been completed.

    Good luck


  • How great that you can fit into your skirt. I managed to fit into my dress today too! Well done to you :)

  • Way to go Wendy :)

  • Well done to you has well. Great feeling.


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