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Another great week

As Tuesday slowly approaches, I'm finding myself feeling very optimistic again about my weigh in.

Been food shopping today and stocked up on lots of healthy foods and snacks. Finding it much easier to be prepared for the week ahead and I'm also enjoying the foods a bit more.

Time to put my feet up after a very productive weekend

Hope everyone's had a great weekend and managed to fight off all the temptations 😁

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Hi Primelle,

Impressive stats!!!! :-) Glad you've had a great week and that you're feeling optimistic about your weigh-in.

Enjoy your relaxing after such a productive weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Yes I can't believe it I was so good yesterday. Well all thanks to my Thrush! I didn't gain weight which normally I always do! I deserve a gold medal! Can't weight for tomorrow! The scales are now my friend! It is worth it to behave!


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