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Junk food vegetarian

Hello. This is my first day of getting some semblance of control of my eating habits. With me, i like to eat lots of fruit and veg and am in fact a vegetarian! However, since most things are labelled as such these days, I tend to eat more....if that makes sense?! I want to lose at least 21 pounds before September this year as I'm off on my holiday. I have 3 and a half stone to lose long term. :( Feeling a bit daunted by the prospect if I'm honest. Would welcome any tips; especially how to curb a sweet tooth. thanks x

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Hi and welcome - I started as a vegetarian (and like you, I was eating a lot of veggie junk) and have since gone vegan after finding out more things about the milk and egg industry.

Before I even began my weight loss journey, I cut out all refined sugar entirely last summer and that - amazingly - has really sorted out my sweet cravings. I say this a lot and people must think I am working for the company or something, but Nakd bars saved my sanity during that time, they are delicious and have no added sugar apart from the sweetness from dates.

Anyway, I have lost 6 stones since last September and feel so much better.

Here is a link to our welcome thread, it is full of lots of useful info on the NHS plan and this forum: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...


Hi Nermal93,

I can't really add to what LessToLose has said, except to give you another potentially helpful link to the NHS Choices web-page about Vegetarian and Vegan healthy eating tips:


Lowcal :-)


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