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Feeling Good!

Its been 6 weeks since I gave myself a talking to and got myself back on track. Since then, I have really made an effort with what I'm eating and I can see it has paid off! I'm 10lbs lighter and already down 3 notches in my belt. And people I don't see that often have complimented me saying I look slimmer. I have a few old shirts I loved to wear that I can now fit back into, and another inch or 2 and I should be able to get into those size 12 jeans I've been saving! :)

All these mini victories help! :D they give you that good feeling which gives you a boost to go on! Which I intend to! Fed up of feeling frumpy when I go out.

It may be a bit ambitious for this Mondays weigh in, but I hope to lose enough to hit the stone loss mark! Then it would only be another 2 stone to my goal. But, whatever I can shake off before my friends wedding the end of June is fine too! :)

Looking forward to Mondays weigh in just to see what I've lost! :D


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WTG you - really well done:-)


Hi Sophie,

I have been really impressed by your progress over the past few weeks, Sophie, it has really stood out in the Monday weigh-ins, and I am so pleased for you!

Congratulations on your achievements so far, and good luck with your remaining goals. :-)

Catch up with you tomorrow at the Monday weigh-in.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done Sophie and good luck for hitting that 1st target tomorrow. I'll have my pom poms ready :)

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