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Not as bad as I thought

Hello, well my official weigh in is a Saturday and I only put a quarter of a pound on (very accurate scales) which has left me very happy considering the scales told me 2 on on Wednesday so I agree totally with the people who advised a sneaky weigh in is not a good idea ( I do know this but can't wait till Saturday most weeks and want the motivation to stay on track!!) However when I was on SW I used to use Saturday as my off plan day, so this happened, didn't eat a lot but was not going to weigh anything, had toast for breakfast, a few snacks throughout the day then 4 slices of pizza for tea washed down with three pimms & lemonade (diet pop and pimms had strawberries and cucumber in so healthy as??) - I have the hugest food hangover today! My stomach looks 8months pregnant and I feel rubbish!! 'Off plan' days never used to make me feel like this because on SW you could eat as much as you wanted as long as it was free and they went with the rule if not losing weight you aren't eating enough - suffice to say I was too greedy for SW! My point is, although I have only lost a little weight so far ( 4 weeks in I think?!) my body's habits must have changed? Needless to say a Saturday treat will not last a full day again - poss the odd drink extra but that is it! Will carry out the boxing session on hubby later (he is to blame for me feeling this way after all) and onwards and upwards for the week ahead! 😊

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Hi Lakes25,

Glad you've only gained a very miniscule amount - 0.25 pound is nothing! It will soon be off again, and I hope you feel better later today. You're sounding positive and motivated for the week ahead, and that is great.

You mentioned how your habits have changed, and that is definitely progress.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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