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Sunday report on Saturday night abduction

Ok so my plan was as follows and it was all going swimmingly for a good 17 minutes I think - then the change !! One of the six of us going out had a problem and needed to be in - our house was the only one free of kids so all to here -no problem

I then think I was abducted ( possibly aliens or a small faction of "share holders in diet plans against people who never need diet plans again because they actually got one to work")

and several things happened

I was water boarded ( torture with a flannel and water poured over the face ) with honey jack Daniels and ginger tonic. - small dash fresh lime !!

Force fed strange foods from exotic climbs (king prawn curry and rice )

Loud music and dad dancing - (probably a lot cooler than I am selling it but you get the gist)

And the dreaded one for the road to finish me off lovely -

so I am laying here a bit worse for wear with still a bluered eye ( unfortunately the right one ) thinking I will do another session in the garden to offset things a bit

So how did it go as a percentage

restrict drink to only slight blur in one eye (left eye best as I know I'm in trouble when it's a right eye session )

100% fail on this right eye - left eye switching session ( what is this new hell)

- eat seafood, pasta and salad ( no breads or spuds) and not so I am "full as an egg" level

Seafood - yes , rice ok , no bread or spuds (it's going ok ) fail on the "full as an egg front" - still can't move due to bloated over eat feeling so I think 75% success

- remember most of the evening ( at least 40%)

Mmmm not sure -I am thinking I am better than 40% so a teetering pass on this

- not call/text old friends with "I miss you" messages ( 100% needed on this one)

No text back - no evidence on phone I think 100% success on this

- try to leave the late night snacks alone if I return worse for wear ( double eye blur, memory loss level of alcohol or the "just a cognac snifter before bed " )

No late night snack - success

Double eye blur - fail although not both at the same time this time it seemed to move about between eyes as if it was doing some kind of con trick to throw me off the " your really getting drunk " trail

Not sure in memory loss as I wouldn't remember forgetting I guess - but awaiting reports from friends ( if they still are of course )

And a one (3) for the road glayva - fail

My guess is about 50% level of success

This was a fair assessment although looking back I think 50% level of failure this time

How was everyone's sat night -

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Hi Discovery1910,

I think 50% success is good! How do you feel about it?

My Saturday night was relaxing, I don't think I was abducted (to my knowledge anyway) and I'm looking forward to the day today. Got quite a few things I want to get done, and hoping that the weather will improve so I can get out for a walk soon.

Hope you have a great day today.

Lowcal :-)


Sounds like a 100% perfect saturday night to me and light years away from my watching Harry Potter with my grandson, with a bottle of water, followed by an early night! Mind you, I feel great this morning! :D


Looking back two weeks, what support would you like?


I would love to say I need support but actually I think I just need to get with the programme and take it seriously - I don't know if I need a life changing event or a shock to do it but I know at my time of life - working hard - over weight - binging can be fatal

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You might try what some of my clients found helpful. List all of the pay-offs of behaving how you do, and all the detriments. Then list the drawbacks of changing and the benefits. Add a score if you like, so that even if the lists look disproportionate, you are clear in how important the items are to you.

Then if you do decide it's time to change, put the the pros of the new behaviour and the cons of your old behaviour on a card to carry around with you to refer to, to boost your motivation as a reminder of why you want to change.


Good night overall then!!! 😂

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Well it sounds like a good night to me too. But if you want to learn from it, a few tweaks and you would be able to fit it all in. Make sure the ginger in your JD is low kcal. Personally, I would skip the honey, but the odd tsp isn't that bad. I think it is far easier to overeat pasta than potatoes. Provided the potatoes are baked or boiled. So I would always go for potatoes when out. You do get to learn what your portion looks and tastes like, if you weigh them at home. The same thing about rice versus bread. Most bread comes ready portioned so at least you know how much you've had. It's really easy to overheap your plate with rice. You soon learn which types are the best value of filling power versus kcal totals. So when out for an Indian meal I usually replace the rice with a plain chapati. It's about a sixth of the kcals. Of all curries, king prawn is probably one of the safest, kcal wise. Depending on how many fatty ingredients were in the sauce. So that just leaves the ferocious booze. Again, spirits probably give you the best value kcal wise. But it is worth learning what a pub measure looks like in a variety of glasses, so you know how much you've had, roughly. I noticed that you didn't mention any desserts. And you got up and danced. I think you did really well. If you can limit it to once a week, I would imagine you could fit that into a weight loss plan. Final question, do your aliens visit? Can I go on the list?

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I can ask lol or get you here ! - no desserts last night nor chocolate so that was good


See, you are getting it after all. Arranging to be abducted myself for next Sat. Does it count if they make you drive there? (But let you stay over - so still drinks!)

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Brilliant - great sence of humour - if you drive there under your own free will to be abducted I guess it could be tantamount to some kind of early stage Stockholm syndrome lol

Hope you have a great one I will be in a venta eating squid and prawns and will think of your abduction and the pre ordained drinks - enjoy

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