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Last week was a write off - now my exam is over, time to get back on it!

Horrendous, potentially life-ending post-grad exam is now over (possibly a little bit over-dramatic, but you get the picture). So, last week I didn't exercise at all beyond my 4 mile walk to work each day, so about 3-4 hours of classes less than normal. Not good! I also stress ate my way through far more chocolate than should be humanly possible AND had a pudding twice after dinner! Definitely not a good week and I started feeling really uncomfortable about weigh in tomorrow morning, so I have decided that I won't weigh myself tomorrow, as I know it will just make me feel disappointed in myself and put me in the wrong mindset to get back on track and lose weight again next week. I've already booked on for 4 classes, including giving weights a go.

On a positive note, my dress has arrived for a wedding in July and it is a little bit snug, so I have even more motivation to lose a couple more inches before then :)

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Hi Natalie-Jade,

Well done for getting through your post-grad exam, I can imagine it was a stressful time, and it's good you're out the other side! Brilliant to hear your dress for the Wedding in July has arrived and you can fit into it - that snugness will soon release once you've lost a couple more inches, and you've got plenty of time to do that before July, so that's good!

Regarding weighing in, you've got a plan, and it's what motivates you to succeed the best that is the main thing, and you've got a plan - so wishing you a successful week ahead. You can weigh when you feel the time is right!

Have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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