I am still a recent (18 months) bilateral below-the-knee amputee and kidney transplant recipient. All caused by being a Type 1 Diabetic on insulin for over 50 years. I am now over-weight with at a weight of 118 kgs and a BMI of 39. I need to lose weight. Diet is not too much of an issue, just being careful and keeping everything in balance! Exercise is what I need. The Specialised Ability Centre Manchester is launching gym classes for amputees from next Friday and I have just received my personal chair gym, so exercise is becoming my Number 1 priority to lose weight over the next 18 months down to 100 kgs!


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  • Hi RichardZach sounds like you've got your weight loss journey well and truly sorted.

    You seem to be getting the help and support by your professionals and with us (on this friendly forum) for support, motivation and advice I'm sure you will achieve your goals.

    Have a look at the nhs12wk plan, if you haven't already as it really has helped me.

    Good luck with everything.


  • Thanks. I'll read the suggested 12-week diet plan and see what tips there are for me. My 18-month diet schedule has been okayed by my NHS advisors. The physical exercise element is the hardest, due to me having very basic prosthetic legs, not like the ones used by competitors in either the Invictus Games or the Paraolmypics - but I'll still do my very best!

  • All the best to you Richardzach!

    If you set your mind to it will do it and meet lots of cool people on the way. Keep your sense of humour and your patience and keep going.

    I agree with Claire2stone that the 12 week plan is great! I guess you will need to be flexible with the exercise and work accordingly but I bet the exercise will make you feel good, even if it is hard at first.... Here's to getting fit!

  • Thanks for your encouragement! watch this space to follow my progress!

  • How can anyone take anyone with a user name "Concerned" seriously? It seems to convey pessimism rather than encouragement and optimism! I have always taken the view that life with Diabetes is to be enjoyed and not endured!

  • 'Concerned' is a user name and does not in anyway relate to you.

    People pick whatever they name they like and some names may relate to how they feel about themselves - not necessarily about what they think of you or others.

    Being 'concerned' about your own health and being willing to do something about it is extremely positive!

  • I am quite familiar with user names but this is an example of one which can be interpreted in different ways, so one must be careful in choosing one which might have negative connotations!

  • Have you checked out the DIABETES RESEARCH AND WELLNESS FOUNDATION site and on HU? The website is:

    You can download or read the information at your own leisure.

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