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phD meal replacement drinks

Has anybody used phD? reading up on it, it appears to have less sugar more protien then any of the other meal replacement drinks. I have been yo-yo dieting for years. Today I was at hospital booked in for minor surgery in 17days time. Told my BMI is 26.1 weight 11st 6lb Need to sort myself out. Thinking of trying to kick start diet.

Any thoughts ??

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Hey micky10,

I have only used one, the phd diet weigh -Belgian chocolate flavored one.

It tastes very nice, which made it a nice snack alternative. In my office a good few gym goers swear by it. It did not do me any harm. I have not noticed any benefit either.

The reasons why i personally changed, because I found that a protein ball snack worked for me better in keeping my hunger in check.

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I guess it depends if you use it for muscle gain or meal replacement... I used it for the latter.


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