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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing good with their weight loss. I have been really disappointed in myself since Sunday night and feel so embarrassed as I did not even submit my weight on Monday for this week.

This is due to the fact that, when I got on the scales on Sunday night I almost fainted as for the first time in my being overweight history I had gone to 16stones! :-O This was not just upsetting but extremely disappointing for me. :'( It resulted in me crying and depressing myself so much that I felt fed up and felt like never stepping back on scales, let alone submitting it online. :'(

two days of sulking and kicking myself passed and then yesterday I realised that I had been on higher calories in the last week as I was having discussions with Zest and moreless and was expecting the weight to be different. Having said that, I didn't realise it would have made this much of a difference and that was why I became shocked.

I have put all that behind now and became more positive and realistic after thinking and kicking myself that "okay Sana, what's done is done! get over it and look ahead and move on!" so, here I am once again and good thing is that although I was depressed and upset I didn't however, over eat or had any junk apart from yesterday. I had a small portion of meat and chips with extra topping of salad and chilli sauce.

I just got on the scales and with a sigh of relief I noticed that I am back on track with the weight. I don't know whether the scales decided to play up that day or was I really that heavy I will never know now, as I would never go back to that same weight again INSHa ALLAH!

P.S. can you guys tell if I can still submit my weight for Monday this week or is it too late now?

Thanks for reading it guys and I can not thank you enough for your support.


P.S. sorry everyone I accidently popped it on c25k site... 😂 😕 no wonder I could not tag some of you over there. 😅😮

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Hi Sana,

Please don't feel the need to apologise, and it sounds like you had a bit of a stressful start to the week, when you got your unexpected weight on the scales on Sunday evening - do you usually weigh in the evening? The extra weight could have been due to weighing at a different time of day - it's always best to be consistent and do it at the same time of day if you can.

Anyway, it's really good to hear you're feeling like you're back on track again, and I would say to you that it's absolutely fine for you to put your weight in the Monday group weigh-in post, so just pop over and do that at a time convenient for you, and I can assure you your results will be included in this week's stats. No problem at all.

Really glad you're ok, and hope you have a great remainder of the week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you so much Zest and I am sorry in replying to you so late. I normally check my weight on Sunday night just before I go to bed and have been doing it since I joined the forum. I don't know what the result would come tonight as I my weight for this week for tomorrow though. I won't make this message very long as I still have to submit my last week's weight yet... :/ sorry for the delay! and here it goes...... :/


Hi Sana, sorry, I didn't get a notification and have only just found your post.

You have absolutely no need to apologise and I know exactly how you felt! I did a similar thing at the beginning of my journey. I was so excited about the monday weigh-in, that I couldn't sleep and got up at about 1am to weigh myself. What a horrible shock I got! I was pounds heavier than I should have been! Fortunately, I was able to keep it together and still weigh myself at the right time and all was well :)

It's quite normal to weigh pounds more in the evening, than you do in the morning. Even an hour or two of a difference in timing, is enough to make big difference in your weight :)

Having said all this, in future, I hope that you won't hide away from us, if things aren't going to plan. We're here for you, for the good, the bad and the downright ugly! We won't be shocked, or appalled, because, chances are, that we'll have been there, done that and already have the T shirt ;) The group dynamic can only work if you are open and honest with us and let us in to help you. We really, really want you to succeed :)

See you on the weigh-in thread Sana. Onwards and downwards :)


Thank you moreless for your support and kind words. I don't know how long I would have survived this forum if it wasn't for all members of this forum and especially you guys help and support. I have usually been weighing myself during the evening just before I go to bed since I joined this forum, so I'm not sure if that could be the reason for this or not. Never mind that now as I am only looking forward and downwards for the weight now. :)

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Good for you Sana! Always look for the positives! :)

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I was exactly like you so depressed as my weight was going up and up. I was too embarrassed to weigh in on Monday until I realized I am only going to loose not gain. I just plucked up the courage and everyone here was so supportive that I will never skip a weigh any more hopefully even if I gained.

I personally found the challenges are keeping me more focused and now my weight is just sipping off!

Keep coming back for motivation!

I am glad to hear you are back on track! We are both back on the wagon! Soon we will reach our goals and either get new clothes or fit into our old clothes!

So here we come! Lets go!


Hi bakersdozen,

I am sorry for replying so late as I haven't been able to access my account due to being busy. That is exactly how I am feeling but like yourself I decided to move on as well and try and focus on the only loss as weight!

here goes to the big loss eh... :D


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