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First week

Hello everyone, it's my first try to get fit. I hope this adventure with NHS programmer won't be a failure. My weight is actually 12 stones and I'd like to lose 3 stones til the end of August. A few years ago I used to run in the Parks of Nottingham when I had some free time, now I am 50 years old and I don't think I can do it again, but I'll try anyway, though it's difficult because of my knee... I am open to suggestion, advises

and tips

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hi and welcome, i can't run cos of knees too but can walk at a quick pace and trainer tells me that is just as beneficial, not good on hard paving but fine on grass. good luck


Hello Paul!

I find swimming to be good as I have a somewhat dodgy right knee. It's a lot lower impact on the joints.

Good luck. :)


I also used to run a fair bit and I need to lose 3 stones as well. I've started changing my diet this week and walking the dog as usual but somewhat brisker with some short sessions of jog/shuffle. I started day one with 5 x 30 second sessions counting back 30 potato, 29 potato (not easy for a bloke!) and so on and after a few days and today day 6, I just managed 9 x 60 potato sessions! Its hard to start with and I thought my right knee would flare up but touch wood it is no worse but I avoid doing the sessions on downhill bits only flat and uphill. It is also hard knowing that many moons ago I did a 3.42 marathon so I've fallen a long long way. I haven't got any targets other than to do more sessions as the weeks roll by and increase to 70,80,90,100 potatos and then see where that gets me. At this stage my ambition is by the end of the year to be able to jog along steadily for 30 minutes as I know it is a great calorie burner and good for the soul too. Good luck!!!


Touch wood, I've never had any real problems with my knees even though I jog a couple of times per week and have bow legs. I attribute this to weight training, that strengthens the muscles around the joint, not doing too much (too long/too far; I only do 12-15 minutes) and regulating my carbohydrate and protein intake; too much speeds up ageing and inhibits repair. Too much of anything is bad by definition, but natural fat has the least effect on hormones.


Hi and welcome Paulsojo :)

Have a look at the Pinned post section to the right of your screen. All the information and motivation there, will help you get off to a great start.

If you can't run, walk! It's just as good for you and much kinder on the knees :) For motivation, join FizzyLiz's 20,000 Leagues under the Sea exercise challenge :)

Join us at our monday weigh-in, the most recent thread can be found in the events section, beneath the pinned posts on the home page.

Zest posts the thread before 6.30am on a monday and if you follow her, you'll receive a notification :)

To get the full benefit of this site, be active on the forum and join in the community activities :)

Wishing you all the very best :)


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