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Lost the Plot

I have been doing Slimming World for some time and have done really well then due to personal circumstances I had a break for a while. I have since restarted and was doing well for the first three weeks or so, full of enthusiasm and motivation. I was really in "the zone". But this past week I've been like a different person. Sluggish, eating all the wrong stuff knowing full well I was doing it and that I shouldn't, My bipolar has gone a little loopy but this has only been SINCE I started bad eating, it was the cause of the bad eating. I now feel like I have not only fallen well and truly off the wagon into a huge pool of chocolate but I am also on the slippery slope into bad food hell. I don't enjoy this ride and I want to get off - all advice needed and appreciated

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Hi Unicorn1504. I have felt better too since eating more healthily - I definitely have more energy and my mood has improved. I hope you can find the strength to get back on the 'wagon' as you say it will help you feel better again. I haven't followed Slimming World, I count calories in the form of Weight Watchers points. My sister in law is doing SW and although she is losing weight I don't quite understand how it works. She can eat as much pasta, rice and potatoes as she wants apparently. A lot of other foods are sins I believe. My worry is that when she stops the SW and goes back to more normal eating, if she carries on with the bigger portions of carbs and eats more of all the other foods then surely she will put weight on again. Just thinking that maybe if you have been doing SW for some time it may be worth giving a different way of 'dieting' a go to see if that may refuel your enthusiasm and motivation. Have you had a look at the NHS 12 week plan? Also are you able to go out for plenty of walks - I find walking great for weight loss and also for making you feel better. Easier now the nights are lighter and the weather a bit warmer. Sorry I seem to be rambling on a bit - just wanted to make a couple of suggestions. Hope it may help you. Come on - you can do it! :)


Hi Unicorn1504,

I did slimming world too for a while, in fact I've done every diet under the sun. For someone like me though who is a food addict its fairly dangerous to allow unlimited quantities of foods such as pasta and rice so I'm back to counting my calories. I'm on a generous 2000 a day so I don't have to crave anything anymore. I am very strict with myself. If I want a bar of chocolate then I have it and its counted as part of my daily allowance, if I have no calories left then its a glass of water to supress my appetite. I know how you feel when you say that you've been affected by your bad food habits. I have depression but I believe that's caused by my current weight. I could quite easily have sat and work myself through a Cadbury's outlet store, obviously not when any staff were watching, but then I'm not doing myself any favours. I'm not approaching this journey as a diet but a change of life. You made a really good decision by posting on here. It shows that you want to succeed and you are ready to get back on the wagon. It's crowded but there's plenty room for you. I reckon you can do it. Start a new chapter today. Loads of folks here have walked in your shoes and know how you feel. Encouraging and motivating each other will produce so many success stories. I wish you every success.


Hi 😀 I'm can't add anything else to what muffintop and Kenny have said except welcome. You have defiantly made the right choice coming to this forum as I believe I wouldn't of achieved my weight loss without the motivation and info gained from this site. Look at the 12wk plan and look at this journey as a change of life habits not just another diet!!! Good luck. Claire x

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