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i got a badge cos 'i did it' :)

i did it! :) i did it! :) i did it! :)

can you tell how happy i am lol

On Monday morning my weight loss for the week was 3lb, which meant a total loss of 11lb in 5 weeks which far exceeded my expectations as i was only planning on 1-2lb a week. Slow & steady is my motto as i want this top be a premanent change. What it also meant was that my weight had gone from 204lb to 193lb which meant i had reached my first target of 5% weight loss. 10% here i come...... :)

I'm using the 12-week NHS weight loss guide which is full of useful information as well as C25K (now on week 3), S&F and the 12-week fitness plan.

For the 1st time i'm actually taking note of what i am eating calorie-wise and reducing my intake to where it should be and making sensible swaps - who knew how many carrots you could eat in place of a packet of crisps!! my ears have never looked so good and my night vision is seconf to none lol.

I haven't given up anything but now things like crisps and chocolate are eaten as treats rather than everyday and something i really enjoy and savour, never really appreicated the flavour as i was so busy shovelling it it!. Yes, counting calories can get a bit boring and tedious on occasion but i just have to look back at what i've achived by doing it and that's what keeps me going. I also know there'll come a time when the log sheets will become a thing of the past

and i'll juts 'know' what i can and can't eat during the day.

I have to say that the help, support and advice on this Forum has been a huge help on my journey so far, the encouragament and kind words have on occasion brought me to tears and i honestly believe it's making it easier to stick to what i'm doing, normally by week 2 i'd have given up as i wasn't seeing drastic changes.

It really is possible to change and having such a great supportive 'virtual' cheerleading squad is amazing.

Thank you everyone :)

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What a fantastic post Chelle and I hope the many newbies that are around will read it and be inspired and motivated, just as this oldie is :)

I'm thrilled for you and delighted that your hard work and dedication have been rewarded. You so deserve your badge! Wear it with pride and remember this feeling as you continue on your path to health and happiness :)

Onwards and downwards! :)

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Brilliant post ChelleUK. Your badge is very well deserved. I hope you have motivated lots of people to give the 12 week plan a go. You did it!!!!! :)


Hi Chelle,

This is a really inspiring post, and I'm pleased to see you wearing your well deserved 'I did it!' Badge and it's so great to see details of your progress - I am sure it will inspire and motivate others on their weight loss journeys too.

Many Congratulations on your achievements, and wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


my ears have never looked so good and my night vision is seconf to none lol. --->LOVED IT :)


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