Need some ideas

the 12 weeks plan suggests porridge for breakfast and after 2 weeks I am really enjoying it. however the whole idea with filling me up longer does not seem to work for me. I have breakfast between 7-8 and by 11-11:30 I am so hungry but try to wait with lunch for about 1 as we never be able to have dinner before 7-8pm. I tried having fruit but that doesn't fill me up and I would love to eat carbs or chocolate - I haven't as I try to go for a rice cracker with dark chocolate on it but I still need a snack which is healthy and fills me up. any ideas?

or shall I just have lunch earlier - breakfast later??


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6 Replies

  • I know exactly what you mean - even if have porridge (or something similarly filling) for breakfast, I still get hungry a couple of hours later. Following some advice, I aim for eat 5-6 times a day (3 main meals + 2-3 snacks inbetween). So I usually take two snacks to work (plus usual lunch).

    If fruit doesn't fill you up, then maybe try vegetable sticks? They're lower calorie, so you can have a bit more. And for example, some cucumber sticks with skin on should have enough fibre to make you feel full. My favourite ones are: carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers, radishes. Depending on how many calories you can spare, maybe have some houmous as well?

    Another idea is a mix of dried fruit and nuts - but you need to be very careful, because the calories start adding up there. But for me, 15g of nuts (Tesco does a very nice unsalted roasted nut mix) + 30g of prunes is quite filling.

    Hope this helps and good luck! :)

  • that is a long time to go without food, maybe you could alter the calories for the rest of the day, and pinch some to have a nibble mid morning of something that will stave off the hunger.

  • Hi, 11.30 and 2.30/3pm are my bad times so I try to have something handy or I would just raid the vending machine at work. I sometimes buy a pineapple, chop it up and take a bit to work for snack time. I have a little round plastic tub and I take my snack in that. 10g popcorn - 50 calories or Couple of rich tea biscuits. banana or 50g grapes or 50g strawberries. Sometimes its all in my head that I am hungry because I eat when I am restless also, not necessarily something needed to fill me up, just something to make me feel treated. So I sometimes have a weightwatchers yoghurt or a jelly pot. Those options not very filling but sometimes if you focus on the treat you can make it special. I really have to prepare the three snacks along with my something-and-salad-in-a-tub. I have no willpower and it is any excuse with me.

    Eating is big part of my life, so knowing what's there to eat next helps me keep a lid on it.

  • I have a slice of bran cake (the recipe is on the 12 week plan) mid morning with a cup of tea. It is really easy to make and it only has 100 calories. I also replace the sugar with xylitol so it must actually be less than 100 cals. If I have that and a banana it carries me through until lunch...

    Also I am discovering that having a glass of water nearby and taking sips throughout the morning is helping a lot.

  • Hi Tina87 😀 I have grown to love porridge since starting the 12wk plan. I have it at about 7:30 every morning. I have the little sachets so it's portion controlled. I try to differ my toppings which helps. I love 2 small apples with skin on for fibre cut up small with a sprinkle of cinnamin...yummy. or I have mixed seeds, coconut shavings, cranberries and raisons. Or strawberries and blueberries. All yummy and really good for you. No sugar added sugar as toppings sweet enough. I generally don't then snack till lunch at about 12:30 but if I do I will have veg sticks or a small banana something low in calories but filling. Hope this helps. Claire x

  • Also make sure you drink plenty of water not just tea/coffee as you could be thirsty not hungry. Claire x

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