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Really struggling week 2

I started my weight loss journey 2 weeks ago for the umpteenth time...counting calories and writing it all down. I have been so strict during the week and the scales show 2.5lb weight loss from the Monday to Friday... but then the weekend comes and I put it all back on, meaning on Monday morning at weigh in I'm just the same as before!

I think I know the answer here.... need to continue the plan even at the weekend, but it is so hard restricting when family dining out or having a few glasses of wine to unwind on a friday night.....I'm stuck and I don't know how to make a change!

(This morning I'm thinking should I start Slimming World - good to a point but can't get over all the processed food you allowed to eat - and thinking that maybe isn't the answer to long life health.....however, neither is being mega overweight)... HELP!!!

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Hi Mondayblue5575,

I think this is something a lot of people on here can relate too and its not uncommon to think you deserve a treat at the weekend when you have been so strict all week! I used to completely ignore dieting on a weekend, i thought that if i keep it up all week the weekend would be my reward for not breaking my diet..... clearly that wasn't a great approach as id just end up eating everything i possible could before Monday came and yep.... weight increased or stayed the same.

Now i treat myself once a week and its only one glass of wine or a small bar of chocolate, it means i get a pick me up when i need it (i usually get the craving on a Wednesdays haha) but I don't go overboard and kill my calorie count for the day. I also find i don't feel guilty or upset because i planned my treat and its part of my diet. If your good 90% of the time and your exercising the weight will still come off!

I don't think you should or can deprive yourself of everything its just thinking sensibly and knowing what you want more; the cake or the weight loss :)

I hope you can find a good balance and i wish you all the luck in the world! You can get through this!

Kayleigh :)


I'm planning a non food treat from now on as I was in a similar mind set , this week its a new plant for me, at the end of each month I'm going for pedicure/manicure treat, perhaps this could be the answer. good luck and keep going


I also let on Saturday. i gain 1 lb but on Sunday I am extremely careful. Eat tons of veggie. Drink tons of water. Go for a run if you can and you should loose weight. Their is no reason to be so strict. Or You could save your extra calories for weekends.


I have the same problem with family, but I only have food with them once a week. Could you may limit the wine or swap it for something more healthy? Swap foods for healthy foods? I'm sure your family would understand that you're trying to lose weight.

You don't need alcohol to unwind after all. I'm not a drinker really so maybe I don't understand but that's probably a big cause of putting the weight back on. There's lots of sugar etc in wine.

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Maybe you could try swapping the wine for some low calorie hot chocolate? I like hot chocolate as a comfort drink! :)

I'm not much of a drinker either, but I've found that replacing high calorie drinks with something lower calorie works really well for me. The other one I do is to get a fizzy flavored water instead of soda. A 1L bottle of fizzy water comes in at around 16 - 20 calories (for the whole bottle!) rather than the massive amounts in Coke or Pepsi, etc.

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How about increasing activities like walking etc. I now go to a spinning class Saturday morning and that stop me overdoing it on Friday when I get in from work. I've got some low call g&the in the little cans and like a wine spritzer now with soda. This way I'm not feeling deprived. You will find a way



Why not change when you get weighed ? If weekends are full on then why not weigh in on a Thursday or Friday ?

It may give you the best of current lifestyle v changing lifestyle, you still will need to be accountable but it might just give you the balance you need.

I do think you are right re SW, you can't go wrong with the NHS 12 week it's all about making changes and that takes time so don't be hard on yourself.

You will get there



Hi, I agree, week ends are tougher. I am on week 5 of the plan and it's getting easier to control though. Being food aware is important, either try and choose the low calorie option if you're eating out, or reduce your portion size, maybe give yourself a smaller dinner plate than the rest of the family, that way you won't feel deprived but will be consuming less calories. I enjoy a drink too so I just factor it in and leave myself enough calories. Change is not easy, just stick with it, don't beat yourself up if you have a blip and don't deny yourself, just count the calories! This is a change for life, so needs to be sustainable. Good luck!


I know what you mean about slimming world. There is a lot of processed food allowed and my main aim is to get healthy. I can`t seem to find the calorie counter, do you know where i can find it?

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Never, ever deprive yourself; have what you want, but in moderation.

At first I was following a diet plan, now I started counting calories because that means I can eat what I want, but smaller portions. It is also more practical - I can cook one meal for my family and eat some of it.

A typical day's food would be:


Porridge or bran flakes and two small slices of wholemeal toast with honey or jam and a tea or coffee with semi skimmed milk

Mid morning snack

An apple/grapes or a 50 calorie biscuit


Wholemeal pitta with homemade hummus or sardines or cottage cheese and tons of salad, a bag of Walkers Baked crisps and a low fat yogurt

Afternoon snack

Cup of coffee and a fun size Mars Bar (my daily chocolate treat)


A small (approximately 500 calorie) portion of whatever dinner my family is having e.g. macaroni cheese, fish pie, lamb/chicken casserole and vegetables and a low fat yogurt

I don't drink any alcohol (for religious reasons), but I guess if you could cut it right down whilst trying to lose weight it would help, since it's just empty calories anyway. I drink about 500ml of milk a day plus loads of water. Also watch out for drinks since they can be laden with calories, but don't fill you up.

Since I changed my mindset and thought about changing my habits rather than thinking I'm on a diet, I've actually lost more weight.

Good luck, we're here for you 😊


Hi if you really cant face dieting at the weekend, you can redistribute as long as your weekly total is the same.

For instance i'm allowed 1400 calories a day mon - sun 9800 a week

you could do 1200 mon - fri and 1900 sat sun and that would be the same?


that's a great idea craxykitten, and might just work.


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