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Heart rate monitor

Help! My husband is recovering from a heart attack! He is waiting to go on a rehabilitation course but the waiting is not doing either of us any good, he is not a person to sit still for very long.

Can anyone recommend a heart rate monitor that works in real time, so he can maybe do a little bit of something and know he is not over doing it??

Many thanks in advance!

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Sorry I do not have the info on Amy monitor, he could ask his Practice Nurse what he can do while he waits, hope that this helps you.

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I have a Fitbit Charge HR and it is very good!


If he joins a local gym, they usually have heart rate monitors available to use, or they are integral in the equipment. Gentle swimming is an excellent way to slowly build his strength up, and short walks on level ground too. My Dad had a triple heart bypass, and used to walk around his local park, sitting on each bench until he felt well enough to walk between two benches, and so on. He even learned to swim and did exercises in the pool with a group of other post op people. He lived another 20 years until age 79 if that is any encouragement!


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