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Hi All,

I have just recently joined on here. im wanting to shred 2 stone and get it gone. Im just struggling to know exactly what i should be doing. ive started the Gym but god knows what to do! and dont talk to me about making healthy food.. im 19 and living on my own! Can anyone please help!

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Hi Cristylou97,

Its great that you have signed yourself up to the gym and it seems you are really determined to get the ball rolling and lose weight. My first suggestion for you is don't try and do everything all at once, it can become overbearing and I found it was a lot easier to give up and feel like I had failed. I would start with modifying your food intake, looking at what you eat, how many calories, grams of fat etc. and setting yourself a reasonable calorie limit for the day, The steadfast on this website seems to be around 1400 kcals day but some people require more (such as me) so use the NHS BMI calculator to get a good idea of what you should be consuming.

When I first started out I was completely overwhelmed so I understand how it can all be a little daunting. I began with a clean eating plan which involves only eating, simple, naturally produced foods and there are hundreds of online blogs and resources to help you with this. The one I would suggest is The Kitchen Shed, it gives you all the information you need to get started and it has yummy meal and snack ideas on there too. If your not too keen on that you can also get some ideas and suggestions from this forum, people are always willing to share ideas and recipes... just ask :)

I would recommend following the 12 week NHS plan and getting a good solid week of dieting in before you add in the exercise, just so you have a good strong foundation to build on! As for the gym, I'm not so sure, I tend to do exercise videos and bike rides but I'm sure there are staff in the gym who can help you with the equipment and if it makes it easier try a couple of hours with a personal trainer, just for inspiration and advice! (I know they can be super expensive)

Most of all enjoy it and keep at it, I wish you all the luck in the world! :)


Thank you so much Kayleigh! youve really helped and your advice was great. im only on day one and im struggling already :( just want some chocolate! but im still gonna keep my will power and be good as its something i really need to do.. i want to get to 11st asap! I know.. im hoping ill sea some new recipes that i can start making at home! i have recently bought a slow cooker so im hoping ill be able to get plenty of healthy dishs made. The gym i go to isnt the best and neither is the staff. i was due a exercise plan, but never received one. But as you said.. get into the dieting first. ive already printed out all the information for the NHS 12 week plan! Thank you again Kayliegh. your help was perfect!

Your welcome! Its always going to be a struggle when you start out I'm afraid but like you say use your willpower, you will thank yourself when the pounds start falling off. Slow cookers are great for making big batches and freezing them so you always have some healthy food for back-up when you need them.

Ah well you will have to get some advice from the gym pros on here I'm afraid and even look online for some tips, I'm sure youtube will have some helpful videos to get you started and even if the staff aren't that good I'm sure someone in the gym will give you a helping hand.... if not there jerks!

No problem and just be patient, that 11st mark is achievable but don't be too quick of the mark, planning is so much more productive :D


Try eating a little natural fat, sensible portions of non-starchy vegetables, and reduce amounts of everything else.

Follow this link for the Newbie Welcome

A gym instructor should provide guidance with the gym equipment, even if it's only an induction to ensure your health and safety.

As the others have mentioned the NHS 12 week weight loss plan is a great way to start off loosing weight and is simple and easy to follow.

Good luck with your journey and keep us updated

Christylou97 in reply to Emma-x-

Just been checking out. think ill be giving it ago. thank you

Christylou97 in reply to Emma-x-

Thank you very much! just been checking it out, i think ill be giving it ago

Myfitnesspal app has been a godsend for me for monitoring my food and calorie intake. I'm still having choc treats every day cos there's no way I could give that up. I have a definite sweet tooth. I'm still losing weekly. Worth looking at 😊 Good luck 🍀


Hi and welcome Chrisylou :)

Don't panic, it's nowhere near as difficult, or scary as you think it is! How about joining Zest's Re-Boot Challenge. Ignore the re-boot part, basically it's a group of us that are are restarting the 12 week plan, or starting it from the beginning. We're going to work through it together and have a weekly update, so that we can compare notes and support each other on the way :) I'll give you the link for the first thread, but Lowcal will be posting a new one this evening. If you follow her, you'll get a notification when she posts :)

Another thing to do, is to join our weekly weigh-in group. It's run on a monday, but the thread stays open for the rest of the week and the stats aren't done until the end of the week. Here's the link

Cooking healthy meals for yourself doesn't need to be traumatic either, I'll give you the link to our own recipe collection, but there are literally thousands online and you can even get them already calorie counted :)

I hope that this is enough to get you started and not too much to get you overwhelmed! ;)

Wishing you all the best, as you start out on the road to health and happiness :)

When I hit the gym I either do a class (then they just tell you what to do!) or the little routine I've got myself into is 25-30 mins on the treadmill ( I jog but you can start by doing the couch to 5k which is great) or walking with an incline, then I go and do some weights with a kettle bell. It can be scary at first but look online for some basic kettlebell moves and start with a light one like 4kg. Pinterest is good for workout motivation - maybe print off a circuit plan and take it?

for the gym you can get the the staff to give you a show around and maybe a little advice or you can get a personal trainer to make a 6 week plan for you that includes 1 session with you it a lot cheaper option as for the eating part the change for life website good there's recipes & swap food ideas and before you start definitely check your calories check because I tried the 1400 one first I was very hungry so check it out and it was 1600 if I didn't do exercise & 1800 when exercising good luck

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