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Start of Week 33 … Well that did not go as planned

I set up the app as suggested, filled in my details, was totally honest with my profile, food intake and exercise and put on a couple of pounds … NO!!! It was supposed to kick start me losing my last few pounds, not go the other way.

Relax, chill, it was a minor blip, nothing to worry about. You did everything right. I am a computer scientist, a software engineer. It was not you; it was user error. Switch it off and on again; reboot and all will be well. Ha, ha, ha. At least that’s what I always say.

Anyway, I re-configured and said I wanted to lose 1.5 pounds a week rather than 1 pound a week, which lowered my daily calorie intake down ever so slightly. I do not want to kill myself trying. So hopefully at the end of week two of running this software I should see an improvement.

How are all you wonderful people doing? Still on track? Still enjoying your journeys? Still enjoying your new lifestyles? Still not worrying about the weight and concentrating on the lifestyle as a whole? Saying me trying to re-focus on losing those last few pounds.

I am just so close to my ideal weight and I have been at it now for approaching 33 weeks. My aim was to reach my ideal weight before I hit my major birthday in December, but to keep a better standard of living on-going. Like I have said so many times it is not about the weight, which is one of my targets, it is about the way of living which is my primary target.

Good living to your all.

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Are you the gentleman on the NHS site that found the 12 week programme worked when other diets hadn't?


I definitely did find the NHS 12 week plan worked, that was what kick started the "fitter me" programme." Actually on that I lost something like 8-10 pounds and already started feeling much better in myself.


I have just recently gotten back on track, aiming to ditch these last 3 pounds to enter the tens over the next two weeks then I can begin the battle of losing the last few pounds to reach the goal weight! Hoping yours shifts soon but as you said the most important bit is the lifestyle change so it doesn't all pile back on again! Myfitnesspal is great, I use it myself.

Best of luck

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