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Hello! I'm new to the group. I've been a good girl all day, stayed away from the biscuit barrel and I can't understand why I still weigh the same! 😂 I'd like to lose a stone before my holiday - I know I don't have a lot to lose but I'm short, and I feel dumpy and sluggish. I took up running a couple of years ago but I've not been for a few months so I'm going to start that again too. I've tried loads of diets over the last few years; however, I only seem to lose a few pounds only to put them back on plus a couple more. The diet plan looks so straightforward and I'm hoping to be able to stick to it. Does anyone have any top tips for sticking to the plan? TIA X

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Keep yourself busy; plan ahead, choose healthy choices wherever possible, chat on here when you feel like you need to snack, drink lots of water and fruit teas. Hope you have a great holiday!


Thank you! Fruit tea sounds like a great idea. I like chamomile tea - I'll have to dig it out of the cupboard.


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