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Feeling good about tomorrow's weigh in!

I know it's only been a week but I'm really looking forward to the re-boot weigh in tomorrow to see how much I've lost in my first week on the 12 week plan.

Although I've had a bit of a tough time mentally with adjusting to the foods and eating more meals I've 100% stuck to it and for that I am proud of myself! This time I will not quit.

Physically I feel so much better already. I feel less bloated and more energetic. I even managed to fit back into some size 20 jeans that I haven't worn since November last year!!! :D

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Hi Primelle,

Really glad you're looking forward to the Re-boot, and good luck with your weigh-in. Brilliant to hear you've stuck to the plan 100% (you can't do better than that!!!). Glad you're feeling proud of yourself.

Brilliant also that you are feeling so much better physically already. Wow, you're fitting your jeans you've not worn since November, that is brilliant! So many positives there.

Look forward to reading your update post in the Re-boot tomorrow, and wishing you a successful Week 1 weigh-in.

As you know, I'll be posting the thread in the morning, but you can join in at any time after it's posted. I'm not guaranteeing a time though, except that I hope to post it by 8am or thereabouts.

I will be busy in the daytime, but will be looking forward to reading people's replies to the Re-boot Reflection post on Tuesday evening. I'll look forward to reading yours with anticipation, as I already know you've been doing really well. :-)

Lowcal :-)

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