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day 1

Hi folks, i joined here a while ago and since been on lots of waggons, i tend to fall off them all but i recently downloaded my fitness pal and hubby got me a fitbit for my anniversary soim trying to do it on my own this time. Then i remembered this site and thought, i dont have to do it on my own. There is a site i can go to in my free time that will have all the help i need to stay on the waggon this time so, here i am hoping to stay on a bit longer and get a bit lighter!

Today is day 1, i have downloaded the week one paperwork and ready to go!

Hope you all have a good week!

Dee x

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Good luck on your journey!

I joined up last Tuesday and have my first weigh in tomorrow. I've so far found this site a wonderful help.

I've also been using My fitness pal and a fitbit which has helped to keep me on plan this week :)


I'm hoping it helps!! I fall off the wagon way too easily but I'm starting to feel my weight taking its toll on my hips, knees and ankles so I am determined to lose this time round. Tbh it's mostly laziness that fails me. I want a night off from cooking and hubby won't try so we end up eating out. I'm going to sit him down and ask for his help this time thou as I think we will both benefit from eating better and exercising. Should be too tough with the weather so nice to get him out and eating salad.

Good luck on your journey!! ☀️

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Maybe you could get him to man the BBQ, while you put together a delicious salad!

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Hi and welcome DJ :)

I'd like to invite you along to our monday group weigh-in


and point you in the direction of the Pinned Posts section, which can be found on the right of your screen. You'll find all the threads designed to help you on your journey :)

Wishing you all the best :)

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Go for it Dee, we will be here for you.

I love my Fitbit, it does encourage me to do more than I would normally :)

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Today hasn't been too bad apart from finding a block of Wensleydale with cranberries which no one else likes and a bag of crisps hiding in the cupboard but I did go for a big walk with the kids and pushed them on the swings so had an arm work out too!

Now the nasties have been eaten I'm looking forward to a healthy day tomorrow. It's my day off so thinking lots of yoga and chilling out. Got my fruit all cut up and planning an omelette for breakfast to give me a good start! Fingers crossed!!


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