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New to site - 1st post


Hi everyone, just joined and this is my first post. I'm really looking forward to being part of this community. I've read some of the posts and found them in some cases inspirational, others sad but overall very supportive. I'm looking forward to going through this weight loss journey with you all and would appreciate any help or advice.

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suzybenj1 stone

Hi talamanca and welcome. Check out the pinned posts to the right- all sorts of useful advice - and a welcome newbies thread.

Check out the challenges - the 12 week re-boot challenge has started and will report on Tuesday's.

And Lowcal has her weekly Monday weigh-in thread - you are very welcome to join. She will be posting the afternoon thread shortly:-)

Good Luck

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Thanks, can't wait to get going.

Thanks for the warm welcome suzybenj and for highlighting what's available, there's a lot going on and I'm looking forward to getting started.


Hi and welcome Talamanca :)

Join us at our monday group weigh-in for heaps of motivation and support :)

Look at all the threads in the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen, as they'll get you off to a great start :)

Hope you'll be very happy with us :)

Already at this early stage people have been great. Thanks for the welcome moreless and I'll have a look around the site after work and see what else is going on.

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I hope you're enjoying yourself Talamanca, there's a lot to see! :)

Hi Talamanca,

I just joined yesterday for the same reasons! The site has been so helpful so far and i would recommended joining in the weekly weigh-ins, everyone has been very supportive!

Hope to see you succeeding!


waveringwillpower, good to hear from you and thanks for the welcome, good luck on your journey.

Hi Talamanca04 , you've come to right place for help and support, everyone i have met here (and on other forms in HealthUnlocked) are brill. As i said to someone else the other week, it's like having your own private cheer leading squad. no one is judgmental and the enthusiasm for how well you've done is second to none. The support of people here has really helped me start and stay on my journey and i'm sure it will be the same for you. Have fun with what you doing, good luck and well done for taking this step :)

ChelleUk thanks for replying to my post. I never would have looked at the forum as having my own private cheer leading squad that's a good way of looking at it - thanks & good luck.

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